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Working Group on Clinical Research

The Working Group on Clinical Research (formerly Working Group on Clinical Trials) was established in 1988 as a forum for investigators to present preliminary protocols for proposed studies. The Working Group meets to discuss clinical research at all stages of development, from concept formation to presentation of results. After a brief presentation, the majority of the meeting is spent in interactive and lively discussion of methodological and statistical issues.

Steering Committee

  • Erika Augustine, MD
  • Robert Griggs, MD
  • Robert Dworkin, PhD
  • Christopher Beck, MA, PhD

Typical Working Group sessions address questions including (but not limited to):

  • What study design is best suited to answer the proposed research questions?
  • What will make this grant proposal as competitive as possible for NIH funding?
  • How do I increase recruitment for my ongoing study?
  • How should I address reviewer comments on a grant or manuscript?

In addition to preliminary protocols, many other topics are appropriate for discussion at the meetings and include but are not limited to data management techniques, patient recruitment, rating scale development, reliability measurement, epidemiologic surveys, ethical issues, grant preparation strategies, trial monitoring, academia/industry relationships in medical research, innovative statistical methods, and presentation of interesting trial updates or results. Clinical research studies in development, as well as completed studies with lessons learned are welcome for presentation.

Regular attendees include members of the Department of Neurology, Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, and the Department of Public Health Sciences, as well as other disciplines. All are welcome to attend.

Please contact Jessica Brown (275-6412) with questions or to arrange a time to present. The Working Group meets bi-weekly on Friday mornings, 7:45-8:45am in the Garvey Room.

Below is the current schedule for the 2015 Workshop Series.

WGCT 2015 Schedule

Date Presenter  
January 9th Charles Venuto  
February 13th Markman/Gewandter  
March 20th Bogachan Sahin  
March 27th Miriam Weber  
April 3rd Schneider/Richard  
April 10th Robert Dworkin  
May 8th Holloway/Annis  
May 22nd Brent Johnson  
June 12th Jonathan Mink  
June 19th Christopher Ritchlin