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Values and Behavioral Standards

Our fellowship strives to live our Meliora values of "ever better" in our daily practice of MFM through living our shared values in all our interactions, not only for patients, but for ourselves, our learners, and our colleagues through:


Impeccable communication: We will listen and provide information in an open and transparent manner, and strive to truly hear the needs of our patients, learners, colleagues, and ourselves. Expected behaviors include:

  • Respectful dialog
  • Impeccable listening
  • Say and talk about issues/concerns
  • Be explicit; ask what you need to learn, grow, and develop
  • Be honest about the commitment and deadlines
  • ELMO: "Enough, lets move on"
  • SUSB​: "Step up, step back"
  • Timely email response, avoiding creating email clutter


Compassion: We strive to do the right thing in all situations, while bringing empathy and humanity to our practice of medicine. Expected behaviors include:

  • Focus on systems, not individuals
  • Celebrate differences of approaches
  • Celebrate success
  • Recognize limitations
  • Empathy with our patients and learners perspective on challenges
  • Transparency of results, outcomes & challenges for families during pregnancy complications
  • Willingness to "go there" during difficult conversations (no fine, no avoidance)


Balanced, harmonious approach to our own and our patient’s needs: We work to develop a shared approach to decision making with our patients and their families, as well as create safe and supportive learning spaces for ourselves, our colleagues, and our students. Expected behaviors include:

  • Transparency of self-needs; it’s okay to say no and to ask for what you need
  • Treat yourself with compassion
  • Be honest about a person’s needs & external commitments
  • Care outcomes for self-care
  • Allow balanced voices during discussions of all participants, professional types, and learners


Social conscious equity and inclusive practice: We will work to make comprehensive medical care available to all patients in need, and deliver fair, unbiased, and equitable care. We will embrace of diversity of thought, approaches, and learning styles to the care of the complex MFM patient and their family. Expected behaviors include:

  • Support each other verbally during success or difficulties at work
  • Fair distribution of work, learning opportunities and credit
  • Advocate for balanced approach to maternal-fetal outcomes
  • Safe space for frustration - for fellow learners
  • Assure access to comprehensive care including abortion and contraceptive services


Dedication: We will continue the pursuit of educational and clinical excellence through our commitment to the education of ourselves, our patients, and those around us through teaching, research, scholarship, and quality improvement. We will hold ourselves accountable for our own learning. Expected behaviors include:

  • Be on time
  • Assume the best from your team
  • Follow through with commitments
  • Close electronic devices during meetings
  • Complete charts/MyChart messages in an appropriate timeframe
  • Prepare for case/consults
  • Read and provide up-to-date standard of care
  • Maintain passion for our work
  • Be invested in the success of our colleagues and patients


Gratitude: We will work to recognize the privilege allowed us to care for complex pregnancy patients at their most vulnerable, and to be worthy of that trust. We will value the contribution of all team members to affording the best outcomes. Expected behaviors include:

  • Voice appreciation for colleagues
  • Mentor residents
  • Treat other services with respect