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Evaluation of elasticity in reperfused placental tissue during H-Scan sonography​ (Dr. Hollenbach's PhD thesis work)
Title: Novel Sonographic Technologies for Innovation in Placental Assessment Across Gestation: The NESTING Study 
Advisor: Dr. McAleavey

Another outstanding aspect of our fellowship is the Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Division that consists of more than 10 PhDs with expertise in reproductive epidemiology, reproductive immunology, developmental pharmacology and teratology, and placental research. The division serves as the access point to the Upstate Perinatal Birth Certificate Database, a robust database of pooled birth records of the Buffalo, Finger Lakes, Syracuse, and Central NY regions. Fellows are involved in a wide variety of projects through both the MFM and research divisions. The MFM division is also a member of NAFNET. Our fellows have access to divisional research funds, two internal departmental grant mechanisms, a biostatistician, and support staff for research recruitment.

For those with a strong interest in a research career, a variety of master’s programs, certificate programs, and PhD programs can be obtained during the fellowship through the graduate schools at the University of Rochester. Coursework is also encouraged even if the fellow is not planning for an advanced degree.

All fellows across the OB/GYN department (urogyn, breastfeeding medicine, laparoscopy) participate in a week-long protected research "bootcamp" each summer. NICU fellows participate in some sessions as well. The faculty across the department, including the research division, give lectures, input on planned projects, aid with finding mentors, and work with the fellows to get their "boots on the ground" and ready for research development and success!

Fellows will complete 12-months of dedicated research time and have the opportunity to extend this to 18-months using elective time. Learn more about some of the areas of active Maternal-Fetal and Perinatal Medicine research, as well as in each faculty member’s and fellow’s profile pages.