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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Visitor Restrictions, Resources, and Updates

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Getting Started

Deciding to seek help for infertility or recurrent miscarriages is an important step in starting or expanding your family. At Strong Fertility Center, our goal is to help you find the right treatment. To help you prepare for your consultation, we will provide information about what to expect at your first visit.

Every person’s path to parenthood is unique. To understand your history, we ask that you complete our history form and fax your medical records before arriving for your consultation. After being greeted by our receptionists, a clinical technician will escort you to a private area to ask about your medications, allergies, and recent travel, and will check your vital signs. You will be escorted to a consultation room where you will meet with your doctor.

The initial consultation with your doctor can range from half an hour to an hour. Your doctor will review the information that you provided and ask about your goals for starting or expanding your family. Your doctor may perform an examination and may recommend additional testing to evaluate your fertility and your partner’s fertility. Your doctor may recommend additional testing to assess any health conditions that may impact your pregnancy and may make lifestyle recommendations. Your doctor will discuss optional genetic testing which can help you learn if you or your partner carry any inherited health conditions that could affect your baby.

After the initial consultation with your doctor, you will meet with your fertility nurse. Your fertility nurse can answer questions you may have about tests, medications, or your next steps, and will give you written information about what was presented during your visit. You will be asked to register for MyChart if you have not already done so through UR Medicine. MyChart enables you to view the results of some of your tests, receive information about upcoming appointments, and contact your fertility nurse and doctor with questions through a secure portal that ensures your privacy.

After your consultation, our receptionists will help you schedule tests. You may be able to complete some testing at the time of your initial consultation or typically within the next month. Our receptionists will help you schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor. We recommend that you schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor so that your doctor can explain the results of your testing, discuss possible treatment options, and answer your questions. Our receptionists will also help you make copayments, deductible payments, or self-payments.

Due to the sensitive nature of the fertility treatment, and out of consideration to other patients, we request that you make alternative childcare arrangements for the time of your appointment.