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Patient Expectations

Having difficulty starting or expanding your family can be one of the most emotional challenges you can face. We can bring you hope, comfort and results with the most important knowledge of all: The knowledge that you have found a compassionate, trusted, and successful center for fertility treatments in Upstate New York.

  • Strong Fertility Center is the longest-standing in vitro fertilization center in all of Upstate New York.
  • All of our doctors are highly experienced and subspecialty certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.
  • Our doctors not only provide the latest treatments with a personalized approach, but are active in the search for new and better ones.

Your Clinical Care Team

Your primary provider will create an individualized treatment plan, and the clinical care team will provide support to you throughout the process. As we believe that a team approach is beneficial for your care, you may see all of our providers and nurses throughout your treatment.

Our physicians perform procedures such as egg retrievals, embryo transfers and uterine evaluations on a rotating basis. Therefore, your appointment for these procedures may not be scheduled with your primary provider, it will depend on which provider is on the rotation at that time.

The nursing team is here to help you navigate through your treatment cycles by discussing timeline of your treatment, ordering medications, and answering questions you may have. When going through IVF, our IVF Coordinator will work with you to schedule IVF specific appointments and will create your cycle calendar.

A provider or sonographer may perform ultrasounds throughout your treatment cycle, and our patient care technicians will obtain vitals, complete blood draws, and help the providers with ultrasound and uterine evaluations.

We also have a financial counselor available who can answer billing or insurance questions.


The MyChart patient portal is an important tool in supporting non-urgent communication between patient and staff. After enrolling, you will have the capability of communicating with your clinical care team in a secure environment, and have access to view your lab results. MyChart messages are checked Monday through Friday and addressed in order of time-sensitivity. We encourage you to call the clinic with any urgent concerns.

You will need to sign up for MyChart using your medical record number. If you did not get enrolled at your initial appointment, you can sign up now.

Please note: It is not necessary to send both a MyChart message and leave a voicemail, only one form of communication is needed.

Test Results

Diagnostic test results will be discussed at your follow up appointment with your provider. You should not expect a call unless there is an abnormal result that requires immediate attention.

When you are in a treatment cycle you will receive a print out of your plan at your ultrasound visit and one will also be sent to you through MyChart. If your plan changes based on your bloodwork, the results and instructions for next steps will be communicated to you through either a same-day phone call or MyChart message. These phone calls and/or MyChart messages occur in the afternoon.

Phone Calls

We believe that every question you have is important, and we work hard to return calls in a timely fashion. Phone calls are often made later in the afternoon to allow time for provider input. Please understand that calls are addressed in order of urgency and time-sensitivity, and non-urgent calls may require a 24-48 hour turn around.

Insurance & Prior Authorization

Some insurances may require a cycle authorization to be completed prior to approving any fertility treatments. Please ensure that your insurance information is up to date and if any changes occur notify our front staff so that they are able to make the necessary changes to your account. Many fertility medications require a prior authorization be completed through your insurance. Insurance companies have up to 15 business days to approve or deny coverage. Once you have been notified of approval status, it is your responsibility to ensure that your medications are delivered prior to treatment start date. Many medications are taken on specific cycle days and if you do not have these medications it could delay or potentially defer your treatment until your next cycle.

IVF Coverage is contract dependent and some policies may require you to meet certain criteria or complete specific treatments prior to IVF being covered, however, not all IVF services may be covered. Prior authorization must be obtained from your insurance company before beginning an IVF Cycle. Prior authorization can take up to 15 business days to be approved or denied. You will not be able to start IVF treatment (medications) without a prior authorization in place. If prior authorization is not obtained, you will be considered to be self-pay. Please note that a prior authorization will need to be completed for each IVF/FET cycle. Medications will also require prior authorization, this is in addition to the prior authorization for your IVF cycle, and can also take up to 15 business days for approval or denial. Genetic testing (PGT-A) is not covered by most insurance companies, unless you, your partner, or a previous child are a genetic carrier of a disease; a separate authorization will be required for this testing.

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment, please call our front desk staff at (585) 487-3378.

Weekend/After Hours

We have limited weekend appointments available for patients in active treatment cycles. For time-sensitive or urgent concerns, please call 585-487-3378. If it is after hours, you may leave a message with the answering service who will then contact the provider on call. If you are having a life threatening emergency, please call 911.

For medication questions, please call the pharmacy that dispense your medications. There is always a pharmacist available 24/7 that can help assist you with any questions you may have. Whether it is regarding mixing or dosing instructions, medication reactions, or injection technique. Freedom MedTEACH is another valuable resource available to you.