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Aside from dealing with the emotional and physical challenges of navigating fertility treatment, there is the financial cost. Many couples find that their insurance policies do not cover infertility treatment, or that only a portion of the treatment is covered. 

At Strong Fertility Center, we want to reduce the stress of the process by providing the information you need to help make decisions. Our financial counselors are available at (585) 487-3453 or (585) 487-3443 to help answer your questions. We also encourage you to contact your insurer to ask about your coverage for the evaluation and treatment of infertility.

In Vitro Fertilization Pricing

In Vitro Fertilization is the most effective treatment of infertility. In order to help patients with the high cost of fertility treatment, we offer significant discounts over fee for service pricing.




Insurance coverage for IVF is handled differently than self-pay patients. We will submit claims to your insurance company "fee for service" and you will be responsible for your deductible, co-insurance or co pay. Depending on your deductible you may be asked to pay a deposit and you will be responsible to pay for any services/procedures excluded by your policy prior to starting your IVF cycle. We do not bill package pricing to insurance these prices are only for self-pay patients with no insurance coverage. 

All outstanding self-pay balances with this office are to be paid in full before participation in the IVF program. This also includes any accounts that have been sent to a collection agency.

Medication Assistance

Compassionate Care is a program that can offer discounts of up to 75% off certain fertility medications. 

For more information or questions, please contact our IVF Financial counselor at (585) 487-3453.