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Aside from dealing with the emotional and physical challenges of navigating fertility treatment, there is the financial cost. Many couples find that their insurance policies do not cover infertility treatment, or that only a portion of the treatment is covered by insurance. At Strong Fertility Center we want to reduce the stress of the process by providing information you need to help make decisions. Our financial counselor is available at (585) 487-3453 to help answer your questions.  We also encourage you to contact your insurer to ask these important questions about your coverage for the evaluation and treatment of infertility. New patient insurance worksheet

In Vitro Fertilization Pricing & Payment Policy

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is not covered by insurance under the mandate, but may be covered by some insurances. In vitro fertilization is the most effective treatment for infertility. Cumulative pregnancy rates with multiple cycles of IVF exceed 80% in some cases. In addition, elective single embryo transfer may increase your chance of having a healthy pregnancy. We offer packages that bundle several cycles together and offer significant discounts over the single cycle price. These packages are designed to make the treatment as affordable as possible in order to help you make the best decisions when planning for IVF. Packages include anesthesia, ICSI and or assisted hatching if needed.

Predictor Patient

Single Embryo Transfer FACTSHEET

Package Pricing

(see link for what is included and excluded)

Package 1. $6500 - includes one fresh IVF cycle and up to 2 transfers (one fresh transfer and one frozen transfer, or 2 frozen transfers)

Package 2. $10,800 - Includes 2 fresh IVF cycles and up to 3 transfers (either fresh or frozen)

Package 3. $14,700 - Includes 3 fresh IVF cycles and up to 4 transfers (either fresh or frozen)

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Individual Cycle Pricing

Single Fresh cycle only (see link for what is included and excluded)


$4800 2nd cycle done within one year of first cycle  

$3800 3rd cycle done within 6 months of 2nd cycle

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Single Frozen Embryo transfer cycle (see link for what is included and excluded)

$2500 - ncludes ultrasounds, lab services and transfer

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Embryo Storage Fees

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Pricing effective 02/01/2014. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Medication Assistance

Compassionate Care is a program that can offer discounts up to 75% off certain fertility medications. 

For more information or questions please contact Marla, our IVF Financial counselor at (585) 487-3453.