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Our Team


The Strong Fertility Center team of fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists works daily to combine their expertise with compassionate, comprehensive infertility care, helping couples to create the families they desire.

Nurse Specialists

We recognize the importance of supportive and compassionate care, particularly in the treatment of infertility. Our nursing staff has extensive experience caring for infertile couples and individuals. Our nursing team is available to provide education, guidance, and support throughout your treatment.

  • Nicole Bourg, MSN, RN
  • Michelle Byrnes, BSN, RN
  • Shannon Campbell, BSN, RN
  • Alicia Collins, BSN, RN

Ambulatory Technologist

  • Kylee Antonio
  • Nakeya Bell
  • Leslie Glover
  • Karen Hughes
  • Megan Roberts
  • Danielle Ryles
  • Catrina Padila
  • Heather Drake, RN
  • Rebekah Huff, MS, RNC
  • Christina King, BSN, RN
  • Lynda Kochman, RN, CCRC, ACRP-PM


  • Sara Ramsperger, BSN, RN
  • Heather Drake, RN
  • Kaitlin Cup, BSN, RN

Office Support Staff

The Strong Fertility Center office support staff can help you schedule your appointments (including follow-up appointments), MRIs, surgeries, and other procedures. Please contact us if you have insurance questions that we may be able to help you with, or any other general questions.

  • Sherri Krohn, Administrator
  • Lindsay Azzolina
  • Asha Bakri
  • Jennifer Becker
  • Ashley Dee
  • Deborah Martin
  • Katie Dunn
  • Markie Dillon
  • Marla Meyers
  • Rachele Wilson
  • Lynn Hunt
  • Jenifer Muniz
  • Rachel Onderdonk
  • Haleigh Wood 
  • Jamie Almekinder
  • Nayeli Garcia

Laboratory Specialists

The in-vitro fertilization (IVF) lab staff are responsible for a variety of critical tasks relating to IVF and fertility preservation. Our lab staff has extensive training and provides exceptional care using the most advanced technology.

Andrology is a medical specialty that deals with men's health. Our lab staff performs a variety of tasks ranging from analysis of semen specimens, convenience banking, fertility preservation, and coordinating the use of donor sperm.

  • Lai King Chan
  • Moveed Chohan, M.S.
  • Christopher Cottom

Erin Scott
Erin Scott, M.D., Ph.D.
Andrology and Endocrinology Lab Director, IVF Lab Manager

  • Noel Krzesinski
  • Pauline Kubica
  • Arianna Pecora
  • Bhameenee Rughoonundon


Counselors Specializing in Infertility

Affiliated Urologists