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Upcoming Visits

Participating in TIDES ECHO

The TIDES research team invites our participants to join us for the continuation of TIDES ECHO. There are three time points at which TIDES families will be contacted for participation: (1) after the TIDES child turns 7 years old, (2) while the TIDES child is about 8-9 years old, and (3) while the TIDES child is about 9-10 years old. TIDES families may participate in-person or long-distance if they are unable to travel to our clinic. Participants will be compensated for their time at each visit/contact. Here’s what to expect for your next visits:

Age 7 Online/Mail Questionnaire

There was no in-person visit at age 7. Instead, 143 TIDES moms completed an online follow-up about their TIDES child. These follow-up surveys were collected from March 2020 to September 2021.

Age 8-9 Visit

Age 8-9 visits were conducted from August 2020 to September 2021. 128 of these visits were completed during that time. TIDES moms completed surveys and gave biological samples. TIDES children completed surveys, neurocognitive testing, physical measurements, and gave biological samples.

Age 9-10 Visit

We are currently conducting Age 9-10 visits. We expect these visits to continue into late 2022/early 2023. TIDES families are welcome to participate in-person or long distance. TIDES children are eligible to participate even after their 11th birthday.

The Visit Includes

For mom:

  • Height & Weight Measurements
  • Questionnaires

For child:

  • Height & Weight Measurements
  • Blood Pressure
  • BrachD (a measure of heart health)
  • Pulse Wave Velocity (a measure of heart health)
  • Baby Tooth & Urine Sample Collection
  • Blood Sample Collection
  • Questionnaires

Research Incentives

Participating families will continue to receive research incentives similar to those from previous study visits. Details on our current research incentives are listed below:

Visit/Item Completed Amount Incentive Type
Age 9-10 Study In-Person Attendance $50.00 Forte Visa Gift Card
Age 9-10 Maternal Surveys $50.00 Forte Visa Gift Card
Age 9-10 Child Surveys $25.00 Gift Card
Age 9-10 Child Blood Draw $25.00 Forte Visa Gift Card
Age 9-10 Bio Specimens $25.00 Forte Visa Gift Card
Age 9-10 Spirometry* $75.00 Forte Visa Gift Card

*Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, spirometry may not be available at some visits. 

Study Visit Location

In-person visits will take place in the OBGYN Research Suite at the Strong Hospital at 601 Elmwood Ave. Participants should park in the main parking garage and follow provided directions to our research room. 

Any participants who require the use of Lyft, Uber, or a taxi to get to Strong Hospital from home will be offered travel reimbursement. If you would like to request reimbursement, please contact a coordinator and save a receipt or screenshot of your ride.

Additional COVID-19 Precautions for In-Clinic Visits

  • Universal masking is required for all study staff and participants
  • Only the TIDES mom and child will be able to attend in-clinic visits (no siblings, please!)
  • TIDES moms and children will be asked to bring their own masks and arrive wearing them (we will have extra masks, however, if you need them)
  • All participants must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering our study location
  • All study materials will be disinfected between study visits
  • Social distancing will be maintained whenever possible during study visits