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Flow Cytometry Laboratory


The UR Medicine Flow Cytometry and Hematopathology laboratory offers the region’s widest variety of flow cytometry assays. The laboratory is part of our Hematopathology Division, which includes four fellowship-trained, board-certified hematopathologists and seven NYS-licensed technologists.

We are the only lab in the region to offer assays that focus on the diagnosis of leukemia and lymphoma and testing for CD34+ stem cells, lymphocyte subsets, immunodeficiency and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinura.

Our faculty and staff provide consultation in hematopathology, bone marrow, cell markers and flow cytometry. We also offer an integrated report format which gives clinicians the ability to evaluate patients laboratory findings quickly and efficiently.

For Patients

Patient Referrals to the Wilmot Cancer Center are sent through the Hematopathology Division so interpretation and diagnosis can happen quickly. This helps ensure rapid consultation and treatment.

The availability of multicolor flow cytometry has become increasingly important as a tool for diagnosing samples with limited cells, such as fine needle aspirates, cerebral spinal fluid and small tissue biopsies.

Our Team

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For more information or to request our services, please contact Tia LaBarge, Supervisor, at (585) 275-6261.