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Laboratory Diagnostics Committee

The Laboratory Diagnostics Committee (LDC) obtains input from well-respected, subspecialty-trained clinicians practicing in the Rochester area. With their expert advice, the LDC assesses the clinical utility of the increasing number of laboratory tests being offered by the industry. These expert recommendations allow the LDC to develop an efficient and robust menu of laboratory tests offered through UR Medicine Labs.

Restricted Tests

We have developed a comprehensive listing of approved tests offered by UR Medicine Labs. Tests listed as "restricted" may only be ordered by board-certified, subspecialty-trained physicians holding Medical Staff Privileges at Strong Memorial or Highland Hospital. For the most updated list of restricted tests, please refer to the Laboratory Test Directory.

LDC Process for Send-out Testing

Related Forms

One Time Authorization form (to order a restricted test)

Request for New Test to Be Added to Test Formulary

Questions Regarding Testing Policies

Contact the Laboratory Diagnostics Committee:

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact our Client Service department at (585) 350-2600 or (800) 747-4769.