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SlideMonitorMicro1Here are some of the resources we have developed as part of the Department’s educational programs.

Cytopathology Cases and Lectures

The Cytopathology Laboratory has placed a small number of cases and lectures online, and is working to expand its online offerings.

Forensic Pathology & Laboratory Management Resources

For many years, from the beginning of the Internet, Dr. Leon Metlay compiled and posted a collection of links of interest to pathologists. With the inception of search engines like Google, and the proliferation of resources in areas like the human genome, this activity became less necessary. There are some areas, though, where it has been helpful to keep what might be termed an “Internet curriculum” to accompany educational programs, so we are including forensic pathology and laboratory management resources in this edition of our website.

The Neuroendocrine Prostate

The Department has broad and deep expertise in the area of genitourinary pathology and prostate cancer. Members of the faculty who specialize in the neuroendocrine prostate have compiled and periodically update this Neuroendocrine Prostate summary and literature review.

Pediatric Pathology

This Pediatric Pathology section summarizes didactic materials used in the URMC pediatric pathology rotation, and includes several interesting cases written by by residents and student fellows.

Special Stains Manual

This manual, in its printed version, is the main reference source used by the technical staff and personnel of the Department. It is edited by Charles J. Churukian, B.A., HT, HTL (ASCP). The format is patterned after the Manual of Histologic Staining Methods of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, third edition, 1968, The McGraw-Hill Book Company, Blakiston Division, New York, Edited by Lee G. Luna. Many of the methods were developed in our laboratory and have been published in various scientific journals. Several methods included in this manual utilize microwave irradiation. We have used low-priced microwave ovens with good staining results.

The electronic version of the manual was developed by students Corey Walker and Yuehei Mao.

Open the Special Stains Manual