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Our Faculty

Department Leadership

Christa Whitney-Miller
Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
The Frieda Robscheit-Robbins Professor 

Christa Whitney-Miller
Vice Chair
Anatomic Pathology

Photo of Richard Burack

Richard Burack
Vice Chair
Clinical Operations

Dr. Findeis-Hosey

Jennifer Findeis-Hosey
Vice Chair

Y. Victoria Zhang
Vice Chair
Clinical Enterprise Strategy

Erin Marner
Clinical Trials

Primary Faculty


Biostatistics (Consultation)

Blood Bank & Transfusion Medicine

Bone Pathology

Breast Pathology

Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Microbiology



Photo of Bruce Smoller

Bruce Smoller

Kathleen Mannava (Joint)

Glynis Scott (Joint)

Gastrointestinal/Hepatobiliary (GI Pathology)

Genitourinary (GU) Pathology

Gynecologic Pathology

Head & Neck Pathology



Molecular Genetic Pathology (Cytogenetics & Molecular Diagnostics)


Pediatric Pathology

Thoracic Pathology

Tissue Typing

Transplant, Renal, & Cardiac Pathology

Experimental Pathology


Richard Burack
Burack Lab
Molecular Mechanisms of Lymphoma Progression

Chawnshang Chang
George Whipple Lab
Prostate Cancer, Androgen Receptors

Andrew Evans
Leukemia & Lymphoma

Benjamin Frisch
Frisch Lab
Microenvironmental Support for the HSC

Stephen Hammes (Joint)
Hammes Lab
Steroid Hormone Signaling in Reproduction and Cancer

Yi-Fen Lee (Joint)
Yi-Fen Lee Lab
Extracellular Vesicles in Urologic and Prostate Cancer

Hiroshi Miyamoto
Molecular Biology of Steroid Hormone Receptors in GU Tumors

Archibald Perkins 
Perkins/Zhang Lab
Molecular Disruptions by EVI1 in AML and MDS

Paula Vertino (Joint)
Cancer Epigenetics and Gene Silencing in Cancer

Guan Wu (Joint)
Biology of Kidney Cancer

Shu-Yuan Yeh (Joint)
Shu-Yuan Yeh Lab
Estrogen and Androgen Receptors in Urologic Disease

Yi Zhang (Research)
Perkins/Zhang Lab
Cell Signaling, Stem Cell Biology and Chemical Biology

Cell Biology & Genetics

Bradford Berk (Joint)
Berk Lab
Signal Transduction in Blood Vessels Contributing to CVD

Rajnish Bharadwaj
Lysosomal and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Linda Callahan, Ph.D.
Late-Onset Neurodegenerative Diseases and Medical Education

Angela Glading (Joint)
Glading Lab
How Cell Adhesion Signaling Regulates Cellular Behavior

Helene McMurray
McMurray Lab
Systems Biology of Cancer and Immunity

Richard Miller (Joint)
Richard Miller Lab
Perinatal Toxicology and Placentology

Zoltan Oltvai
Oltvai Lab
Systems Biology and Molecular Pathology

Catherine Ovitt (Joint)
Ovitt Lab
Salivary Gland Dysfunction

Rabi Tawil (Joint)
Molecular Mechanisms in FSHD

Bin Zhang
Chromosome Instability and Editing, Centromere Biology

Electron Microscopy

Karen Bentley
Electron Microscopy Core
Biofilms, esp. S. Aureus Infection in Orthopaedic Implants

Chad Galloway (Research)
Electron Microscopy Core
Metabolic Disease


Hematology & Immunology

Jennifer Anolik (Joint)
Anolik Lab
B Cell Biology in Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Lisa Beck (Joint)
Beck Lab
Cutaneous Allergic Inflammation, esp. Atopic Dermatitis

Neil Blumberg
Blumberg Lab
Blood Transfusion Immunology

Richard Burack
Burack Lab
Molecular Mechanisms of Lymphoma Progression

Andrew Evans
Leukemia & Lymphoma

Craig Morrell (Joint)
Morrell Lab
Platelet Functions in Hemostasis, Thrombosis, and Inflammation

Archibald Perkins
Perkins/Zhang Lab
Molecular Disruptions by EVI1 in AML and MDS

Majed Refaai
Refaai Lab
Hemostasis & Thrombosis

Musculoskeletal Disease

Brendan Boyce
Boyce Lab
Bone Cell Biology

Laura Calvi (Joint)
Calvi Lab
Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Via Osteoblasts

Roman Eliseev (Joint)
Eliseev Lab
Mitochondria in Regulation of Cell Fate

Alayna Loiselle (Joint)
Loiselle Lab
Modulation of Tendon Healing to Promote Regeneration

Edward Schwarz (Joint)
Schwarz Lab
Inflammatory Bone Loss

Lianping Xing
Xing Lab
Bone Cell Function in Inflammatory Bone Loss

Hengwei Zhang (Research)
Xing Lab
Bone Cell Function in Inflammatory Bone Loss

Emeritus Faculty