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Medication Compounding: Meeting Unique Medication Needs


  • University of Rochester Medical Center pharmacists compound medications to meet unique medication needs. Large drug companies mass-produce medications that don't meet every individual need.
  • Often, medications are no longer produced by the manufacturer
  • Some drugs are available in limited strengths and dosages
  • Many medications are expensive
  • Some patients are allergic to commonly used fillers, dyes, binders, and other additives.

For all these problems.....medication compounding is the solution.

Medication compounding allows our pharmacists to customize the strength and dosage of a medication to meet your individual needs. Compounding may involve changing a medication from a pill into a penetrating skin cream, adding flavors, or preparing a dye-free or preservative-free medication.

How Do Pharmacists Compound Medications?

Our pharmacists start with pure bulk chemicals and use new technology and devices to prepare almost any prescription. Our pharmacies have both the ingredients and the expertise to combine chemicals into any dosage and medication form desired. In addition, we offer medication counseling for patients so that they know how to use their medication properly. Ask us how compounded medications can help you.

Compounded medications include:

Table of medications that are compounded at URMC.
Compounded Medications at URMC
Suspensions, Solutions Creams, Gels Ointments, Lotions
Troches Capsules Discontinued Products
Homeopathic Formulations Pain Formulations Anti-nausea Formulations
Inhalation (nebulizer) Medications Lip Balms, Medicated Lollipops, Medicated Lozenges Eye and Eardrops
Anti-viral, Anesthetics Nasal Sprays lidocaine D.H.E. Natural Hormones
Otic Preparations Pediatric Formulations and Flavors Physical Therapy Formulations
Ultrasound Gels Podiatric Formulations Hospice Formulations