The Veteran Mood & Sleep Study

We are testing treatment options for U.S. Veterans experiencing both insomnia and depression.

Soldier with Therapy Service DogBenefits of Participation

  • Free use of digital treatment,
  • Access treatment when and where you want,
  • Help with sleep or mood problems, and
  • Help other Veterans who may benefit from study findings.


  1. Evaluate digital treatments accessible from your phone or computer to see which one is the best for insomnia and depression.
  2. Determine which treatment  is best for each person based on individual characteristics and treatment preferences.
  • Served in the U.S. Military, National Guard or Reserves (not currently on active duty).
  • Experiencing both trouble sleeping (insomnia) and feeling depressed. 
  • Complete a comprehensive survey at the start of the study. This survey can be completed on your home computer or smart phone.
  • You will be assigned to 1 of 5 digital treatments that can be done on your phone or computer.
  • Complete four short surveys during and after digital treatment.
  • $50 for each of five surveys completed
  • So, up to $250 is provided for participation

Join the Study

To determine your eligibility for the study, please fill out our research form.  

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