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About the Department of Psychiatry


Together with an array of collaborators, the URMC Department of Psychiatry will creatively and effectively address the mental health needs of the diverse communities and peoples of our region. It will have important, measurably beneficial impacts on their well-being, and it will foster related efforts nationally and internationally. The Department will undertake its mission through the implementation of innovative clinical and prevention programs, research initiatives,and educational activities, and will continuously and vigorously strive for excellence in all of these endeavors, while providing intellectual leadership in the Medical Center, our communities, and beyond.


The URMC Department of Psychiatry will be recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally for its creative, innovative, and dynamic educational, research, clinical and prevention programs, which lead to demonstrable improvements in the mental health and general well being of the patients, families, and diverse communities that it serves.


Constant striving for excellence in ourselves and our institution; personal and institutional integrity in all that we do; dedicated, sustained caring and respect for those whom we serve, for those whom we educate, and for those with whom we work; abiding commitment to the communities in which we live; creating and implementing innovative, effective solutions for the challenges that we face.