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Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, & Equity (DICE)

Our Mission

In partnership with our Psychiatry community, we promote a culture of respect and the building of a healthy work environment through collaborative learning, dialogue, and role modeling.

Our Vision

A department of Psychiatry described by all as a great place to work, train, receive care, and flourish.

Diversity and inclusion are core values of the Department of Psychiatry. With over 1500 faculty and staff members, we work to effectively and efficiently communicate and disseminate educational activities and training that contribute to the provision of culturally sensitive care and  support a respectful, diverse and inclusive department environment. We also facilitate and help to assure that institutional initiatives related to diversity, inclusion and equity, are communicated and adhered to.

We work collaboratively with a broad representation of department members through our DICE Board, a large team consisting of nominated representatives from the Department’s five divisions. The DICE Board meets monthly to discuss and create opportunities for enhancing diversity and inclusion across our four mission areas (Clinical Care, Education, Research, & Community).

Diversity Training and Policy Statements

Cultural Competence and Diversity policy

The Department of Psychiatry requires faculty and staff to complete three hours of diversity and inclusion training each year. Some hours can be completed through online offerings on MyPath.

Safe Space & Other UR Resources

Department of Psychiatry Advisory Council of Consumers (DPACC)

Department of Psychiatry Advisory Council of Consumers (DPACC) is a group of dedicated consumers, their families, and key Department of Psychiatry leaders. DPACC provides feedback and discusses ideas related to improvements of services, quality of care and consumer satisfaction, and works to see the changes they propose carried out. Read more detailed information about DPACC.