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Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Equity (DICE) Board

The Department of Psychiatry’s Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Equity Board (DICE Board) consists of nominated representatives from the Department’s five divisions who meet twice per month to discuss and create opportunities for enhancing diversity and inclusion regarding departmental needs for:

  • Promoting a culture of respect
  • Building a healthy work environment for all department employees
  • Providing culturally relevant care and training

The D.I.C.E. Board will operate similarly to the Department of Psychiatry’s Diversity & Cultural Awareness Leadership Team (DCALT) except that all divisions will be required to have representatives at the table to assure all of the Department’s strengths and challenges are utilized and addressed. The focus of this Board will primarily be on the identification and promotion of targeted (per division/program needs):

  • Education
  • Training
  • Collaboration
  • Practice integration
  • Policy and practice improvement
  • Identifying ongoing professional development and training needs

Member Description/Responsibilities  - View Board Members

  • DICE Board members will be nominated by their Divisional Leaders and Peers
  • Will serve for two years
  • Will have one to three hours of protected time per month to attend DICE Board meetings and to attend to follow-up activities within their division.
  • Reps will be responsible for hosting meetings at their site to include arranging for Zoom capability.