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Culture & Engagement

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Join us for the 2024 DICE Summer Series July 10th - August 28th!

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The 4th Mission of the Department of Psychiatry is to contribute to measurable improvements in community mental health and well-being by fostering diverse community, consumer, and collegial partnerships. Utilizing collective strengths in education, service, and research to reduce mental illness risk factors, develop protective factors, enhance determinants of mental well-being, and improve access to care. 


Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, & Equity (DICE)

Promoting a culture of respect and building a healthy work environment through collaborative learning, dialogue, and role modeling.


Community Engagement 

Our department's extensive community engagement and collaboration tradition have expanded exponentially through our faculty and staff's concerted and innovative efforts.



A Culture of Wellness implies a proactive focus on well-being rather than a reactive effort to manage burnout. A Culture of Wellness is cultivated by leadership, practice efficiency, and personal resilience.

Learn about the Department's most recent work in the community, research innovations, and expanding services in the Engel/Romano Report.  

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