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Bridge Art Gallery

color paint on canvas text: Growth in Tough Times

Exhibit Opening May 29th


Growth in Tough Times - Exhibit Opening 

Exhibit Opening & Reception: May 29th, 4:30pm Medical Center
Room 1-9041 Romano Conference Room

Managing the Monsters in Your Life - Current Exhibit 

Artwork featured at OFC Creations Theater Center for performances of the Pediatric Behavioral Health and Wellness Services production of She Kills Monsters is exhibited at the Bridge Art Gallery in partnership with Pediatric Behavioral Health & Wellness.


Artwork of trees and backgrounds Renee Simone-Lee

The Bridge Art Gallery aims to provide a space for local artists to display their artwork, while at the same time creating a comforting and therapeutic environment for patients, families, and employees. Our hope is to diminish the stigma and hesitance associated with entering our part of the Medical Center. The gallery holds three shows each year. 

Past Exhibits

The Bridge Art Gallery's most recent exhibits are featured below. To view additional past exhibits and upcoming events please visit our Facebook page.  If you are an artist who has been featured in a past gallery show and need to pick up your artwork, please contact us to set up a time for pick up

Healing Within 

In the past few years, we have seen significant national turmoil and a growing mental health crisis. In response, we ask artists to respond to the theme of Healing Within, while considering topics such as healing, community, and togetherness.

Healing Within Reception Presentation 

Mind, Body and World 

In honor of our department's 75th anniversary, we invite artists to share artwork that reflects the experience of health and illness as the interaction of biological, psychological, and social influences.  

Mind, Body & World Presentation

The Bridge Art Gallery's 10th Anniversary 

The Bridge Art Gallery celebrated 10 years of bridging art & mental health in 2022.  The virtual exhibit  featured artwork from RenĂ©e Simone-Lee, Engel Doodles from one of the Department of Psychiatry's founders George L. Engel and the 10th Anniversary Exhibit. 

10 Year Anniversary Presentation & Exhibit by Amanda Lai