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Reasons to Choose our Programs

Patients are outstanding teachers: The department’s patient care services offer enormous opportunities for learning given our wealth of clinical programs, and the large and diverse communities that we serve.

Multidisciplinary training is optimal: In addition to developing discipline-specific knowledge and skills, our training programs interact and serve as resources to each other for shared learning.

Comprehensive education requires balanced perspectives: We maintain a careful balance of clinical and theoretical perspectives, which is rooted in our biopsychosocial tradition, when designing all learning experiences.

Lifelong learning and professional development ensure progress: We are committed to continued education and supportive mentoring at all levels, including full-time faculty and community-based faculty and collaborators.

In addition to didactics specific to each training program, our department and professional community offer grand rounds, workshops, and other continuing education events, assuring a vibrant learning environment. 


Education and professional development have been central to our department’s mission since its inception over 70 years ago. The scope and success of our training and education programming illustrate our steadfast commitment to the next generation of mental health care providers. We are proud of our nationally recognized, interdisciplinary programs, dedicated faculty and staff, and exemplary trainees.

The University of Rochester Medical Center is a renowned research and training institution, located within a welcoming mid-sized city. Our education and training programs mirror this ideal combination of academic rigor and collegial support. We are proud of our legacy of excellence in education and would be pleased to try and answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss our programs, our institution, and our community in greater detail. We hope to see you in Rochester!

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