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2023 DICE Summer Brown Bag Series

This program has been created in partnership with URMC Department of Psychiatry, URMC Department of Medicine, URMC Department of Neurology, URMC School of Nursing, URMC Department of Surgery, and URMC Office of Equity and Inclusion.

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Healing the Healer: Discussions and Practices for Troubling Times

Each year, we host an educational series focused on all facets of inequity during the Summer Grand Rounds sessions. This year, our focus is Healing the Healer, in which we will explore the impact of racism, violence, and erosion of rights on our faculty and staff. We will offer both presentations and healing practices. The sessions can be used to fulfill one or more of your five annually required DICE Activities. 

2023 DICE Summer Series 

July 12

Six Hindrances to Racial Harmony

Speaker: Ruth King, MA


This session does not have a public recording. 

Session Description

July 19

Strategies for Healing: Helping Ourselves to Help Others

Speakers: Gwen Olton, MA, Matt Liston, & Jonathon Jones

July 26

The Politicization of our Humanity: A State of the Union for the Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive Community

Speaker: Col Raimond, EdD, JD

Session Resources

August 2

Advocacy - Taking Action To Create Change

Speaker: Brittan Hardgers

August 9

Restoring oURselves: Using Restorative Practices to Build Capacity for Wellbeing

Speakers:Traci Terrance, PhD, Kristin Hocker, EdD, Matt Liston & Caroline Nestro, PhD


This was a group activity and the session was not recorded. 

8/9 Session Description  

August 16

The Lasting Impacts of Gun Violence in Rochester: Perspectives from Providers and the Community

Speaker: Jennifer West, PhD,  Corey Nichols, JD & Michael Antonio Vella, MD, MBA, FACS


This session does not have a public recording. 

August 23

An Hour of Restorative Practices

Well-U Activities & Ice Cream Social 
Ice Cream provided by 9 Cone Cone 

Yoga: Moving from the Inside Out 
Presented by the Inward Office


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