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MD/Masters in Public Health

There are several pathways for completing the combined M.D./M.P.H. program. One option is to start year 1 as a full-time M.P.H. student. Students who complete all of the M.P.H. core courses in Year 1, do the first year of the M.D. program in Year 2. Because some courses "count" for both the M.D. and the M.P.H., the M.D. program course in Mastering Medical Information will substitute for PM 415 Principles of Epidemiology in the M.P.H. program. One advantage to starting with the M.P.H. is that students enter and graduate with the same class of medical students in the M.D. program. It also allows more time to work on the M.P.H. thesis.

Alternatively students may begin with the M.D. program first, and then, after either the first or second year, start the M.P.H. program. No matter when you break up the medical school years, you will spend the M.P.H. year satisfying core courses in the M.P.H. program. When that year is completed and you return to complete your remaining years in the M.D. curriculum, you'll work on your M.P.H. thesis as well as satisfying any remaining M.P.H. course requirements. The latter can be accomplished by independent study or spending a medical school elective block on an M.P.H. related course.