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Services & Training

To facilitate technical transfer of methods and expertise to labs, we offer two or more mini-fellowships per year, to support students, technicians or fellows for a period of up to six months to work in the RHIC Core lab and become expert in one or more of laboratory techniques. Please send requests for training to

The RHIC Core Lab also sponsors training seminars and workshops, either in lecture or laboratory format as appropriate. For specific topics and a list of upcoming events please visit our Training section or News/Update. If you have special training requests, please contact Dr. Sally Quataert directly.

Summary of Services and Training

Methods Development

The RHIC Core Lab develops and standardizes existing and new immunological methods including multichromatic flow cytometry, Elispot, Fluorispot, Lysispot, ELISA and Luminex microarray bead assays. RHIC also develops specialized reagents for flow cytometry including Q-dot conjugates.

Collaborative Projects

The RHIC provides expertise and standard protocols to facilitate the early part of basic and clinical research projects with method transfer and/or clinical testing services. The RHIC maintains a high level of supervision of techniques, good quality control, adherence to SOP’s and rapid deployment of new methods.

Directed Development of Innovative Methods

The RHIC supports innovative projects with the potential for major advances in immunological techniques. Current projects have developed from the strong research in optics, biostatistics and human immunology in Rochester and RHIC or UR CTSI funded pilot programs.

Information Exchange

RHIC sponsors monthly meetings to bring together clinical and basic researchers in vigorous discussions of research data, projects and grant planning as well as invited speakers and special symposia. Training programs teach human lab techniques; specific RHIC methods; writing SOP’s, and compliance for GCP, GLP, GCLP. Flow cytometry training is coordinated with the URSMD flow core facility.

Multichromatic Flow Cytometry Service

Training and access to 11- and 18-color BD LSRII flow cytometers are provided for URMC researchers. Services are fully integrated with the URSMD flow core services providing access to additional instrumentation (8-, 12-color flow cytometers, Amnis Imagestream and FACS Aria).

Clinical Research Specimen Service

Access to human blood and control cell reagents for assay control and development through IRB approved protocols. Researchers are able to request fresh blood for IRB approved research through their own or RHIC IRB approved protocols. To request clinical research specimens or fresh blood, please register with the service using the Clinical Research Specimen Service.

For More Information

If you are interested in any of the RHIC services, please contact the Core Lab Director, Dr. Sally Quataert, or by phone at 585-273-2454. Investigators are invited to discuss their specific research and method development needs with Dr. Sally Quataert, RHIC Core Lab Director or any of the RHIC staff (585-273-4473). New methods can be developed or existing methods can be adapted for specific research requirements. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are available for a wide variety of immunological methods including multichromatic flow cytometry methods, Elispot, Fluorispot, and Lysispot (SOP Table of Contents).

Please use the following form to request RHIC Services. Reference policy HIC-3-0034.

RHIC Work Request Form