Required Paperwork

This page makes the SMD Required Paperwork available both as a large pdf document, and in separate sections as smaller pdf documents. The content is the same for both.

SMD Required Paperwork

SMD Required Paperwork

(Faculty Appointments/Hires, Reappointments, & Promotions)

SMD Faculty Recommendation Form


SMD General Information - Read Before Starting
Professor, Associate Professor and Research Professor - (Appointments, Promotions, Granting of Tenure & Reappointments)
Associate Professor & Professor - Professional Service and Voluntary
Research Associate Professor (Appointments, Promotions, & Reappointments)
Assistant Professor (Appointments, Promotions, Reappointments)
Research Assistant Professor (Appointments, Promotions, Reappointments)
Assistant Professor, Senior Instructor, Instructor, Senior Associate, Associate and, Assistant (Appointments, Promotions, Reappointments)
Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Senior Instructor, Clinical Instructor, Clinical Associate and Clinical Assistant (Voluntary faculty appointments)
Joint Faculty Appointments - All Ranks (Appointments, Reappointments)
Adjunct and Visiting Appointments - All Ranks (Appointments, Reappointments)
Professor Emeritus and Clinical Professor Emeritus (Appointments)
Departmental Fellows (Appointments, Reappointments)

Other Information