Community Outreach Programs

Improving the health and welfare of infants, children, mothers and young families living in underserved communities has ben a primary focus of the Social Work Division. Fundamental to the programs is the utilization of trained outreach workers who are familiar with the cultures, beliefs and values of the families they serve.

Strong Social Work Preventive Program

Strong Social Work Preventive Program is a multi-service, comprehensive, home visitor program for families who need intensive services to safely and adequately care for their children. The program covers psychosocial and health care needs such as home preparation for childbirth, Parents as Teachers parenting curriculum, household management, family planning, daycare services and much more. Eligible members must be Monroe County residents willing to utilize a URMC pediatric provider. Clients can be referred by agencies, healthcare providers, Child Protective Services (CPS) or self referral. Services initiate during pregnancy and continue for the first critical two years of the child’s life. The program is supported by the Monroe County Department of Human Services.

For more information about this program, please contact Program Coordinator Ruth Autore, LMSW at (585) 224-1740.

Social Work Preventive Program Brochure

Baby Love

The Baby Love Program is a social worker/outreach worker home visitor model that assists pregnant women and teens achieve healthy births and improved health outcomes. Services include assistance in keeping prenatal and other healthy care appointments, helping prepare for the birth of the baby, supportive home visits and linkage to behavioral health and other needed services. Baby Love has demonstrated effectiveness in significantly reducing neonatal intensive care admissions. The program is available to pregnant patients living in Rochester, NY. The program is supported by NYS DOH, United Way of Greater Rochester, Monroe Plan for Medical Care and MVP Health Care.

For more information about the Baby Love program, please contact Carol Quester, LMSW at (585) 473-1728 or Nikki Spring, LMSW at (585) 339-3200 x3209.

Baby Love/PAT Right from the Start

This program combines all the services of the Baby Love Program with Crestwood Children's Center Parents as Teachers Program. Pregnant women and teens living in the City of Rochester who are less than 32 weeks pregnant can be referred. Those enrolled receive alternating visits from the Baby Love Program and a PAT Home Visitor. Baby Love visits end at the child's 2 month birthday while the PAT visitor continues up until the child's 5th birthday. The program is supported by the United Way of Greater Rochester.

For more information contact Nikki Spring LMSW at (585) 339-3200 x3209.

Building Healthy Children (BHC)

Building Healthy Children provides and evaluates preventive interventions for teen families and their children that are integrated with the Child's Medical Home. Using a combination of three-evidence-based practices, the program supplies young mothers with parenting education, parent-children attachment and maternal depression therapy, and any needed support services such as food, housing and transportation. The program is a partnership with UR Social Work, Mt Hope Family Center, UR Dept. of Pediatrics, RGPA, Jordan HC, Highland Family Medicine, Culver Medical Group, United Way and Monroe County Department of Human Services. Program goals include decreasing the number of families involved with Child Protective Services, promoting positive parent-child relationships and healthy child development outcomes.

For more information about this program, please contact Jessica Luciano-Bath, LMSW at (585) 275-2991 x13.

Children's Primary Care Outreach Project

The program provides families with infants and toddlers outreach services at nine urban health care practices that include Strong General Pediatric Clinic, RGPA, Jordan HC, HFM, West Main Pediatrics and Orchard Street Pediatrics to ensure the children are fully immunized and receive recommended preventive care.

For more information about this program, please contact, Mardy Sandler, LMSW at (585) 275-4992.

The Children's Primary Care Outreach Program Brochure

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