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Psychiatry Adult Inpatient

(Units 2-9200; 3-9200, 3-9000)

The Department of Psychiatry houses a 56 bed adult psychiatric units spread across 2 floors. These units’ treat patients with dual diagnosis, geriatric, and general psychiatric concerns. Social Workers are part of an interdisciplinary team on each of these floors and complete psychosocial risk screens and assessments, implement treatment interventions, provide crisis intervention, brief therapy, education and support. They are very involved in discharge planning. This includes contact with community providers as well as with patients, families and other inpatient staff. Social Workers participate in interdisciplinary treatment team meetings, case conferences, and patient rounds.

Our Social Workers

Social Worker   Phone Number
All Units    
Tasha Wilson LMSW Clinical Coordinator (585) 275-3518
Monique Cruz BSW (585) 276-5781
Jody Moszkowicz BSW (585) 275-1108
Jaime Hadsell LMSW (585) 273-3916
Katherine Harter LMSW (585) 275-8972
Tazia Sample LMSW (585) 273-2555
Jennifer Koskinski LMSW (585) 275-8971
Jessica Wilson-Ignizio MSW (585) 275-3652
Leah Fitzgerald MSW (585) 275-3652
Matthew Tschappat LMSW (585) 275-6844

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