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Dental Services

Dental group

Led by Dr. Adela Planerova, dental services are available at the Complex Care Center (CCC). Our goal is to improve patient care for people who have limited access and who have significant medical challenges. Patients do not have to be receiving medical care at the CCC in order to come for a dental appointment. Our staff has been uniquely trained to accommodate the special needs of our patients, including positive interactions, and how a chronic condition can impact oral health.

We guide our patients’ care by addressing acute problems in a timely fashion as well as focus comprehensive treatment and prevention. To provide this proactive care, we anticipate an ongoing relationship between our dentists and patients. We provide inclusive care for all oral health needs, delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way.

Patient in dental clinic

Dental Procedures Offered

  • Restorative dentistry: fillings, sealants
  • Prosthodontic dentistry: Dentures, crowns, bridges, occlusal guards
  • Root canal treatment
  • Periodontal treatment: Deep Cleaning
  • Oral Surgery: simple, surgical extractions

Dental Clinic

The dental treatment rooms are large enough to accommodate specialized patient equipment as well as their parents, advocates, or guardians.

  • Air glide chairs are easily moved for improved patient access and comfort.
  • Panoramic X-ray is able to quickly capture full mouth and jaw images.
  • Hoyer lift is available for safe transfers from wheelchair to dental chair. Our staff is trained and available to assist with transfers.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation, often called “laughing gas” is one of the options used to help our patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during procedures.
  • Behavior guidance techniques are used for patients who may have anxiety with dental visits, such as gradual exposure therapy, acclimatization and others to help patients feel safe and develop trust.
  • Operating Room at Strong Memorial Hospital - Referrals for comprehensive dental treatment under general anesthesia is available, but there is a wait list.

Interdisciplinary Team

Patient dental visits can be coordinated with multiple other providers, such as behavioral health specialist, a registered dietitian, and care managers. This interdisciplinary approach is unique and offers centralized care for the patients, opportunities to provide learning from one another, and optimization of the patients’ oral and overall health.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call (585) 276-7900.