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Dental Appointment Social Story

  • Today I'm getting my teeth cleaned and checked at the dentist at Culver Complex Care Center.

  • I will tell the front desk that I am here and I will wait in the waiting room.

  • When my name is called, I will walk down the hallway to my room.

  • I found it! Room 7 is our dental room.

  • The dental hygienist will say hello and ask me to sit in a chair.

  • I will sit in a comfortable chair for my visit. I need to sit with my hands on my belly.

  • The hygienist will wear a mask and gloves to keep everyone healthy. I will wear a bib to keep my shirt clean.

  • The hygienist is ready to look at my teeth, and I’m ready too!

  • I will sit in the chair and it will lean back so she can see my teeth.

  • She will use a light to better see my teeth. I can wear sunglasses if I’d like.

  • She will use a mirror, tooth counter and toothbrush to clean my teeth.

  • After the dentist checks my teeth, I will get a prize. What an easy visit!

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call (585) 276-7900.