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Patient Stories

Department of Urology, the only academic-based urologic practice associated with the University of Rochester Medical Center, has the largest, most experienced team of urologists in the area. We use the most innovative treatments and advanced technologies available, and are dedicated to treating our patients personally, promptly, and with sensitivity. Learn more about some of our patients' experiences with our practice:

Howard Griffin; URMC Urology Patient

Howard's Story: A revolutionary prostate cancer treatment keeps a man healthy when his wife needs him the most. Howard Griffin doesn’t speak in heroic tones about his battle with prostate cancer. At the time, he had other things on his mind. Most notably, his wife’s diagnosis of MS. “We were walking in Toronto about six-and-a-half years ago,” says Howard. “Then all of a sudden, she wasn’t with me. She was on the ground...”

Timothy and Denyse Clark; URMC Urology Patients

The Clarks' Story: State-of-the-heart technology right here in Rochester makes this stork's flight short and sweet. Timothy and Denyse Clark married knowing they wanted children. But they also married knowing that Tim, in his mid 40s, had a vasectomy over a decade ago...

Mark Collins; URMC Urology PatientMark's Story: Prostate cancer doesn't just affect men, it affects their loved ones too. Mark Collins was only 54 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He didn't have many symptoms and only realized something was wrong after his yearly physical with his doctor. Mark and his wife Yolanda share their experience after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and how he made the decision to have robotic surgery.