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Memory Care Program (MCP)

The University of Rochester (UR) Memory Care Program (MCP) serves as the clinical arm of the FLCEAD. The MCP provides evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with cognitive impairment and dementia.

FLCEAD funding allows the Memory Care Program to provide interdisciplinary, team-based care. MCP providers assess patients and their families for functional capacity, safety, availability of resources, depression, anxiety, psychosocial stressors and other factors that can promote or obstruct their capacity to understand and implement the treatment plan recommendations developed at the MCP. In addition, MCP providers systematically coordinate care with the patient's primary care physician and, when possible, collaborate with the nurse care managers within patient-centered medical homes. And, as a standard practice, MCP providers regularly refer patients and their family members to Alzheimer's Association programs and services and to the Finger Lakes Caregiver Institute.