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Memory Care Program (MCP)

The University of Rochester (UR) Memory Care Program (MCP) will serve as the clinical arm of the FLCEAD. The MCP was established in December of 2011 at which time two separate UR dementia clinics, one in neurology and one in psychiatry, merged to become one hospital service. The current MCP physicians have been providing dementia services at the UR since 1986. The MCP provides diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with dementia and related cognitive impairment.

FLCEAD funding will be used to augment the capacity of the Memory Care Program to provide interdisciplinary, team-based care. MCP providers will consistently and uniformly assess patients and their families for functional capacity, safety, resources, depression, anxiety, psychosocial stressors and other factors that can promote or obstruct their capacity to understand and implement the treatment plan recommendations developed at the MCP. In addition, MCP providers will more systematically coordinate care with the patient's primary care physician and, when possible, collaborate with the nurse care managers within patient-centered medical homes. And, as is standard practice now, MCP providers will continue to regularly refer patients and their family members to Alzheimer's Association programs and services. We will also enhance services and best practices for serving patients whose primary language is not English. An increase in capacity will also reduce the time between calling for an appointment and being seen for an evaluation. Our goal is for patients to be scheduled within two weeks of calling.