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RightCycle Recycling News

Animal Resource PPE Recycling Back November 1- How about going green in your own lab/department

Hello Everyone:

We are happy to announce starting November 1st, 2021 the RightCycle program in partnership with Kimberly-Clark and Fisher Scientific will make its return to the Animal Resource. The new program will consist of recycling gloves, head-covers, shoe covers, and white sleeves found in MIT rooms all provided by the Animal Resource. If you intend to bring in PPE please discard them in the waste bins or we risk jeopardizing all other recyclables saved for the RightCycle program.  Please also share this email with your staff or lab members that may not see this.

I wanted to say Thank You to everyone that has helped and supported the RightCycle program since we started it back in 2019, to date we have diverted 6,097 pounds of waste. The following is a photo of some of the items that have been produced out of the recycled materials.  These items will soon be on display in Animal Resource.

RightCycle Items: Chairs and Basket

If your lab or department is interested in participating in our exam glove recycling program, please contact me at for instructions how to acquire the Kimberly Clark exam glove through Fisher to set up your own department’s recycling program? We need more gloves in Adirondack Chairs not landfill.   

I look forward to our continued success with the RightCycle program and again cannot stress enough that without your help and commitment to this program we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we have and will continue to do.  If you support this type of planetary health initiative in the Animal Resource and would like to see more, please send me a simple e-mail response.