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SR Buprenorphine

“Acquiring & Administering Buprenorphine SR for Rodents” 

Dear Researchers approved to use Buprenorphine SR in rodents,

Research lab technicians may continue to place on-line orders for individual dosages of sustained release buprenorphine (SR-BUP) but now may now pick up the drugs on the day of surgery from the Vivarium Office (G-6708). If preferred, PIs may also continue to pay DCM technicians to administer the analgesic pre-emptively to rodents on the morning of surgery.   

Buprenorphine SR must be administered subcutaneously. Please contact DCM veterinary technicians for training on the two techniques for administering subcutaneous injections in rodents. 

Please be certain to fully complete and insert a green post-op card in each of the rodents’ cage card holder. 

Please call the Animal Resource with any questions. 

Mouse SQ injection handout-New

Cost for Buprenorphine SR administration-New

Buprenorphine SR Lab Administration Form

Buprenorphine SR DCM Administration Form