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Animal Resource Resource Scheduler

To see the availability of the room/equipment click the appropriate link below.  Reserving the room/equipment click the Resource Scheduler link.  You will receive a confirmation email when the Animal Resource has schedule your reservation.

1st Floor Surgery Suite

B8665 Procedure Room

Animal Resource Necropsy Room

ANNEX 1B168 Anesthesia Machine 

ANNEX 3B326 Anesthesia Machine

66950 Suite Anesthesia Machine

6th Floor Procedure Room (66910)

KMRB 9816 Anesthesia Machine

KMRB 9826 Anesthesia Machine

KMRB 9836 Anesthesia Machine

KMRB 9846 Anesthesia Machine

KMRB 9856 Anesthesia Machine

KMRB 9869 Anesthesia Machine

KMRB 9869 Ducted Hood Reservation