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Steps for Seeking Help

If Your Child is Depressed, Overexcited or Anxious...

Please contact your child’s pediatrician or therapist for guidance. If you receive no answer, call the Crisis Call Line (585) 275-8686 or 211.

If You Feel Your Child is Feeling Extremely Depressed, Agitated or Anxious...

Please call the Crisis Call Line (585) 275-8686 or 211. The counselor will help you talk through the situation and offer help.

What Help Can the Crisis Call Line Provide?

There are several options that a crisis counselor could provide or recommend for your child.

  • Phone Support
    The crisis line provides interim telephone support after hours or in-between visits with your primary therapist. The therapist will work with your child to support current safety plans.
  • Referral to Doctor or Therapist
    If the crisis counselor determines your child is not in an immediate crisis, they could recommend you schedule an appointment with your pediatrician or therapist.
  • Mobile Crisis Team 
    The Mobile Crisis Team is a psychiatric emergency team serving anyone within Monroe County. Our team of professionals will conduct a psychiatric evaluation for you or your family in your home, place of employment, school or any other location in Monroe County. The Mobile Crisis service is NOT for anyone at immediate risk of suicide or urgent safety concerns such as overdoses, violence toward others, or medical emergencies.
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP)
    The CPEP Emergency Unit is part of the Medical Emergency Department. This unit decides if hospital intervention is needed for the patient, and if so, the patient is admitted to this locked unit. All individuals seen in the CPEP Emergency Unit are evaluated by a psychiatrist, in addition to psychiatric nursing and clinical social work staff members.

If Your Child is in Immediate Danger of Hurting Themselves or Others...

Go to CPEP immediately.