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Pediatric Treatment Center (PTC) (AC-6)

Intravenous Access

Many of our patient have intravenous lines that are called central lines [Broviac®, port-a-cath, etc.]. These are used for blood draws and intravenous therapy.

If your child needs a peripheral IV placed, we will place that line when you arrive. Please discuss with your child's physician or nurse practitioner your child’s potential response and fears around this. Our goal is to make all care as pain-free as possible. One way to minimize the pain associated with IV insertion is to apply a cream to the site, which numbs the skin. Your child’s doctor or nurse practitioner can give you a prescription for this cream. This cream can be placed on the skin in the PTC, but it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to work after it has been applied. If your child is scheduled for an early procedure or a long infusion, PLEASE discuss this with your child's doctor or the PTC staff prior to your appointment. The doctor or nurse practitioner may request that you apply this cream at home.

Other things you can do to help make your child comfortable include:

  • Bring a familiar toy/blanket with you.
  • Encourage calm, cooperative behavior.
  • Before the appointment, give your child information about why he or she is coming to the clinic in words he or she will understand.
  • Perform comforting behaviors: slow deep breaths, talk about something fun, touch/hold child, listen to music, reinforce positive behavior.
  • Additional help from a Child Life Specialist to offer distraction/relaxation during IV placement, blood draws, or injections is also available.

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