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Golisano Children's Hospital / NICU / NICU Child Life Program

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Child Life Program

The Wegmans Child Life Program in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) promotes the developmental needs of infants. Not only do the Child Life Specialists offer support, they also give you guidance on how to address the development and emotional needs of your baby while still in the hospital. We are able to connect you with resources that will help you fully understand the development of your baby (premature and full term) and provide you with the best ways to stimulate your baby. We understand that it's difficult to deal with an extended hospital stay and we are here to help you cope with any issues that may result.

We offer unique programs that are tailored to comfort our newborns, their siblings and parents:

  • Cuddlers Program
  • Read to Your Baby Program
    We have a library of books and encourage you to read to your baby. The doctors and nurses will tell you when your baby is ready. Books and various educational material are also available to help parents and siblings understand ill newborns and prematurity.

Contact Us

Chris Tryon, B.S., CCLS
NICU Child Life Specialist
(585) 273-5155

For More Information on Child Life Programs

For more information and extended services, please visit Wegmans Child Life Program at Golisano Children's Hospital.