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LQTS Risk Score Calculator

This Long QT Syndrome Risk Calculator was developed for prediction of 5-year absolute risk of the first life-threatening arrhythmic event (defined as aborted cardiac arrest, sudden cardiac death, or appropriate implantable cardioverter defibrillator [ICD] shock) in LQTS patients, accounting for individual risk factors and their changes over time. The risk score was developed based on long-term follow-up data from the University of Rochester LQTS Registry in 1,509 LQTS patients with QTc of at least 470 ms regardless of genotype, and in 1,288 patients with single LQT, LQT2, or LQT3 gene mutation, regardless of QTc. The predictive models were externally validated in an independent cohort of 1,481 LQTS patients from Pavia, Italy.  Details of the study are available in the publication entitled: Assessment of Absolute Risk of Life-Threatening Cardiac Events in Long QT Syndrome Patients available at the Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine

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