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Community-Engaged Learning

Distinction in Community Health for Medical Students

Each year, several medical students, who also excel in community health scholarship, graduate with the Distinction in Community Health. This is an option for students who make significant longitudinal contributions to community service, excel in the Community Health Improvement Courses and engage in learning about current issues and topics in community health throughout medical school. This is an opportunity for M.D. candidates to complete substantial and sustainable community health improvement with community partners, and experience health outside of health care first-hand.

Please check out the 2021 Distinction in Community Health recipient posters and presentation videos on the virtual Distinction in Community Health Forum Padlet page.

Exemplar Medical school graduates may also be awarded the Costanza Community Impact Award, the Excellence in Community Health Award or the Creative Initiative in Community Health Award, available only to Distinction Candidates with exceptional projects.

Here are the winners of these awards for the graduating class of 2021:

student headshotMary Buswell

Class of 2021 Costanza Community Impact Award Recipient

This award is given to the Distinction candidate whose work exemplifies outstanding community engagement with the greatest potential for sustainable impact on the health of the community.

Project Title: Contraceptive Needs Assessment of Clients at Trillium Syringe Service Program



student headshotHannah Silva

Class of 2021 Creative Initiative in Community Health Award Recipient

This award is given to the Distinction candidate whose work generates a new partnership initiated by the Candidate that developed into a meaningful, creative and impactful project where the candidate integrated the new partner for sustainability beyond the project and the student’s involvement. This award will only be given in years where there is a candidate that excels in this category.

Project Title: A Comprehensive Health Education Program for Individuals with Down Syndrome