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Continuity Practice

Highland Family Medicine

Highland Family Medicine

This practice has grown to 20,000 patients from 7,000 families who come from neighborhoods throughout Rochester and represent the full spectrum of age, race, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Providing continuity care at this busy office are seven teams of faculty and resident physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, medical assistants, and secretaries, many of whom have worked at the practice for over twenty years. Additional onsite resources include behavioral health specialists, CASAC worker, a Family Planning team, two social workers, chronic disease and health home care managers, and medical specialists in OB/Gyn, Sports Medicine, and Geriatrics and Breast feeding Medicine. A psychiatrist is available weekly and for "e-consults" for easier access for patients and excellent resident teaching. HFM’s immunization and lead tracking programs have been recognized by local medical and public health officials as the best in Rochester. Highland Family Medicine has been recognized as a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level 3 site.

Quality assurance is built into practice operations with a five month rotation in PGY2 year that focuses on quality improvement. The electronic health record system is remotely accessible to providers making practice call more efficient. Colposcopies and other procedures are performed on site. Videotaping and observing patient encounters, including family meetings, are commonplace. In addition, HFM houses faculty, administrator, and resident offices, as well as conference rooms.

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Brown Square

Brown Square

The Inner City Family Medicine site was added in 1981 to provide the opportunity for interested residents to develop the skills necessary to care for an inner city population. Up to six residents (two per training year) develop their three-year continuity practices at the Brown Square Community Health Center. Brown Square is one of three main CHC locations that make up Jordan Health Services. Brown Square has been recognized as a NCQA PCMH Level 3 site.

Brown Square Health Center is located about 10 minutes from Highland Hospital, on Lake Avenue, a busy avenue connecting downtown Rochester to Charlotte and Lake Ontario. Brown Square's location on a busy commercial strip belies the areas of need in the surrounding area. Brown Square draws patients from both the Northwest and Northeast sections of the city, representing some of the poorest neighborhoods in the area. Patients also come from several suburbs of Rochester, representing those families who have moved out of the city but want to maintain the connection to the physicians who cared for them over time. The center provides comprehensive health care to the indigent, working poor, the uninsured, and some HMO participants. Patients represent diverse heritages, including African-American, Caribbean, Italian, Puerto Rican, Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Burmese, Karen, Thai, Laotian), African (Somali, Sudanese, Liberian, Burundian), and Eastern European (Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish). Additional on-site resources include a comprehensive behavioral health team, addiction medicine, a perinatal care manager, HIV case management, a clinical pharmacist, dietician, and a dental clinic.  

The center is staffed by family physicians, family medicine residents, physician's assistants, and nurse practitioners. Precepting is provided by Brown Square attendings.

Ambulatory Family Medicine

Dave Holub w MilaThe primary goal of this four-week rotation is to expand and refine the skills needed to see patients efficiently, confidently, and competently, with an emphasis on the further development of an individualized outpatient practice style. Faculty supervision is incorporated to support residents in individualized goal-setting. The rotation includes continuity patient care sessions, individualized skills sessions and team-centered care functions. Residents are encouraged to individualize their learning experiences, and opportunities exist to pursue interests in family counseling, clinical protocol development, office procedures, gynecology, sports medicine, behavior change techniques, etc.