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Christian Wightman with his patientsThe care of children is undergoing rapid transition, as the care of sick children is increasingly moving to an outpatient world. Our residency has created a wonderful learning environment by teaming with the Pediatrics Residency Program to provide training in inpatient and outpatient services at Strong Memorial and Rochester General Hospitals, our office community practice, and community-based sites.

Special Care Nursery/Inpatient Night Float

During the R-1 year residents spend one month at Rochester General Hospital split between a level II special care nursery and the inpatient pediatric floor. The SCN allows residents to learn the essentials of care for premature infants, newborns with sepsis, congenital problems, hyperbilirubinemia and other problems. The second two weeks is spent on the pediatric night float rotation admitting children, responding to the delivery room and covering the pediatric floor for acute issues. The PGY-1 works with an experienced pediatric PGY-3.

Pediatric Emergency Department

Residents spend one month in both their R1 and R2 years in the Rochester General Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department. The pediatric ED is staffed by Family Medicine, Pediatric, and Med-Peds residents as well as nurse practitioners, and has attending presence 24 hours a day so there is easy access to teaching for residents. This very busy ED provides experience in a wide range of primary care problems including orthopedics. The pediatrics attendings in the ED are highly rated by our residents for their teaching, and the rotation is highly rated for the large number of opportunities for procedures.

Golisano Children's Hospital Pediatrics

During the PGY-2 year there is a traditional inpatient rotation at URMC's Golisano Children’s Hospital. Residents are supervised by pediatric PGY-3s and gain experience in the work-up and diagnosis of childhood problems requiring inpatient treatment. This rotation has limited evening duty with overnight coverage provided by Pediatric residents. All of the residents on the pediatric service attend daily morning report and noontime teaching conferences. Additionally, the resident on this rotation functions as a junior attending for pediatric patients admitted from our own outpatient practices helping to coordinate care and ensuring a smooth transition from the inpatient to outpatient settings.

Acute Pediatrics

PGY-3 year has the last required pediatric rotation concentrating on acute pediatric issues seen in the office setting. This four-week rotation is based in the outpatient pediatric clinic at Strong Memorial Hospital. This rotation provides a same day and walk in clinic for children who use this practice as their primary care home. Precepting is provided by Pediatric faculty. A wide variety of pediatric issues are dealt with in this setting.
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Ambulatory Pediatrics

This PGY-2 rotation is an ambulatory block with experiences in outpatient pediatric cardiology, gastroenterology, developmental disabilities, pediatric allergist, adolescent medicine and pediatric primary care. The settings include URMC and community-based clinics.