Pediatric Residency

resAt the Department of Pediatrics and Golisano Children’s Hospital, we believe that preparing tomorrow's health care leaders is one of our fundamental responsibilities.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Earning an A+ Rating for Graduate Medical Education. We are the first institution in the nation to be awarded full accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education six years in a row.
  • Faculty who are local, state, and national leaders in community pediatrics, advocacy, health care delivery, health sciences research, and bench research.
  • Maintaining a strong partnership with the community, which allows all pediatric and combined internal medicine-pediatric residents to participate in the "Pediatric Links with the Community (PLC). The nationally recognized program, now housed in the Hoekelman Center, serves as a model for residency training in community health.
  • Offering a rigorous program within a supportive environment. Our program is designed to provide intellectual depth and professional growth through clinical experiences and educational opportunities.

Congratulations to Our Residents and Alumni!


  • Jared Winikor recently published "A 14-year-old boy with Mycoplasma pneumonia-associated mucositis and intracranial hypertension." Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2015.
  • Bo Lee recently published "Autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy: Disorders with a shared biology." Epilepsy and Behavior. 2015.
  • Sarah-Wade Boatwright recently published "Pilot Study and Review: Physiological differences in BDNF, a potential biomarker in males and females with autistic disorder." Internation Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal. 2015.
  • Justin Goldsten (alum) recently published "Measurement of tensile forces on various patch materials for congenital diaphragmatic henria repair using a novel testing platform." Pediatric Research. 2015.
  • Jared Winikor and Abby Kroening (alum) presented "Quality Improvement Project: Implementing Pediatric Standardized Development Screening in a Refugee Primary Care Clinic." at the North American Refugee Health Conference, Toronto, Canada 2015.
  • Accepted Abstracts at 2015 AAP, SHM, and APA's (co-sponsored) Annual Pediatric Hospital Medicine meeting: Cate Krafft and Teja Dyamenahalli (alum).
  • 2015 PAS presenter Katie Mowers (alum) "Trends in Pregnancy Termination Rates After Fetal Diagnosis of Single Ventricle: A 17 Year Restrospective Review."
  • 2015 PAS and ESPR presenter: Justin R. Goldstein (alum) "Measurement of Tensile Forces on Various Patch Materials for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair Using a Novel Testing Platform."
  • 2015 PAS presenters: Megan Callanan (alum) and Catherine Agricola (M-P) " Facilitating Community Connections in the Medical Home".
  • 2015 PAS and annual Eastern SPR presenter: James Thomas (alum) "Post-Training Knowledge Gaps Following Helping Babies Breathe Training in Northern India".
  • 2015 PAS presenter: Abby Kroening (alum) "Refugee Commmunity Perspectives: Informing Developmental and Behavioral Screening".
  • 2015 PAS presenter: Sean Frey (alum) "Medication Identification Among Caregivers of Urban Children with Asthma".
  • 2015 SMH Pediatric Grand Rounds Research Presenters:
    • Justin Goldstein (alum): Measurement of Tensile Forces on Various Patch Materials for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair Using a Novel Testing Platform.
    • Diana Miller (alum): Improving Glycemic Control in Rochester City Teens with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Through the Use of Telemedicine in School-Based Health Centers: A (mini)-Pilot Intervention.
    • Katie Mowers (alum): Pregnancy Termination Rates after Fetal Diagnosis of Single Ventricle: A 17 Year Retrospective Review.
  • Megan Kazi recently published "FitKids360: Design, Conduct, and Outcomes of a Stage 2 Pediatric Obesity Program." Journal of Obesity. 2014.
  • Sucharita Mukherjee recently published "The Prevalence and Correlates of Lifetime Psychiatric Disorders and Trauma Exposures in Urban and Rural Settings; Results from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication" in PLOS 2014.
  • Yogangi Malhotra (alum) received the 2014 March of Dimes New York State Chapter Advocacy and Government Affairs Award.
  • 2014 PAS presenter: Danielle Renodin-Mead (alum) "Use of novel respiratory monitor to determine provider accuracy in assessing change of chest wiggle in high frequency ventilation".
  • 2014 Society of Hospital Medicine Abstract: Anna Bottar "Vacular ring: An uncommon presentation of alte and feeding intolerance in infancy".
  • 2014 SMH Pediatric Grand Rounds Research Presenters:
    • Danielle Renodin-Mead (alum): Use of novel respiratory monitor to determine provider accuracy in assessing change of chest wiggle in high frequency ventilation.
    • Megan Callanan (alum): Kids Thrive 585.
    • Danielle Flanigan (alum): Efficacy of bortezomib in metastatic osteoscarcoma.
  • Jon Slothower (alum) published "Mescaline" in the Encyclopedia of Toxicology. 2013
  • Elizabeth Nocera (alum)published "Tempering pediatric hospitalist supervision of residents improves admission process efficiency without decreasing quality of care" in the Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2013
  • Melissa Tsuoboyama (alum) published "Using patient characteristics to predict usefulness of abdominal computed tomography in children" in Hospital Pediatrics. 2013.
  • Lee Williams and Yogangi Malhotra (both alum) published "A Single-Blinded Randomized Clinical Trial Comparin Polymyxin B-Trimethoprim and Moxifloxacin for Treatment of Acute Conjunctivitis in Children" in the Journal of pediatrics. 2013.