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Faculty Information

Odysseus Adamides, MD

Dr. Adamides supervises residents at Norris Clinic during their Strong Recovery rotation.

Gloria Baciewicz, MD

Dr. Baciewicz is the Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Program and supervises the residents’ rotation through that clinic. She also teaches the addiction series in the PGY-1 year. Her clinical interests include the treatment of patients with a dual diagnosis (mental illness and chemical dependency), and opioid replacement including methadone maintenance.

Matthew Barry, DO

Dr. Barry works at the VA Outpatient Clinic and lectures in the PGY-3 Public Psychiatry seminar series.

Ryan Bell, MD

Dr. Bell supervises PGY-3 residents during their rotation in the Steve Schwarzkopf Community Mental Health Center at the Rochester Psychiatric Center.

Sheila Briody, PhD, SSJ, DMin

Dr. Sheila Briody supervises residents in a clinical elective at St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center.

Peter Britton, PhD

Dr. Britton works at the Canandaigua VA Center of Excellence and teaches the "Motivational Interviewing" seminar series.

Brigid Cahill, PhD

Dr. Cahill coordinates residents' rotations at the University Counseling Center.

Eric Caine, MD

Dr. Cain is the John Romano Chair for the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Caine also hosts a case conference for PGY-1s and PGY-2s every Wednesday.

Laura Cardella, MD

Dr. Cardella teaches the "Sleep Disorders" seminar series.

Kathryn Castle, PhD

Dr. Castle has extensive experience in the clinical treatment of children, adolescents and young adults. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, mood disorders and suicidal behavior in adolescents. Dr. Castle also has experience in the therapeutic treatment of children with medical conditions. Dr. Castle’s research focus is identifying the associations between racism, racial discrimination, feelings of alienation, racial identity and depression and suicidal behavior in African American youth and young adults.

Catherine Cerulli, JD, PhD

Dr. Cerulli is the Director of the Laboratory of Interpersonal Violence and Victimization (LIVV). She teaches the Domestic Violence Workshop and lectures in the core didactic series. She is the Director of Research at the State University at Buffalo School of Law Family Violence Clinical Program she co-founded in February 1992. She was formerly an Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County, New York, where she created a special misdemeanor domestic violence unit. She has worked on issues surrounding domestic violence and child abuse for more than twenty years in a variety of capacities.

Linda Chaudron, MD, MS

Dr. Chaudron is the Department of Psychiatry's Associate Chair of Clinical Services. She was also recently named the Senior Associate Dean for Diversity at the School of Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Chaudron's research and clinical interests focus on women's mental health issues across the lifespan, specifically postpartum depression and suicide risk factors among women.

J. Richard Ciccone, MD

Dr. Ciccone is the Director of the Psychiatry and Law Program and leads the PGY-3 seminar and practicum on Psychiatry and the Law at the Socio-Legal Clinic. Dr. Ciccone has been involved in the treatment of the mentally ill in jails and forensic units. and his work on the assessment of dangerousness includes a focus on workplace violence. Dr. Ciccone has served as a consultant or psychiatric expert witness in many criminal and civil trials. He has published widely in forensic psychiatry, received numerous awards and lectured nationally and internationally.

Kevin Coffey, EdD

Dr. Coffey is the Clinical Coordinator for the Adult Ambulatory Clinic.

Yeates Conwell, MD

Dr. Conwell is Vice Chair for the Department of Psychiatry. He serves as a preceptor in the residency program and also teaches sessions in the geriatric seminar series, research series and public psychiatry seminars. Dr. Conwell directs a program of research - the long-term goal is to design and test strategies for suicide prevention across the life course. In particular his studies have emphasized the definition of risk factors for suicide and attempted suicide in later life. More recently his work has incorporated the design, implementation and testing of preventive, community-based strategies.

Lisa Dennison, RN, NPP, CGP

Ms. Dennison teaches the PGY-3 seminars in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Sue DiGiovanni, MD

Dr. DiGiovanni is the Senior Medical Director of Adult Ambulatory Services and also serves as a preceptor and on the Residency Selections and Promotions Committee..

Stephen Dvorin, MD

Dr. Dvorin is a mock board examiner.

Roma Fortuna-Dwulit, MD

Dr. Fortuna-Dwulit supervises PGY-3 residents in the Adult Ambulatory Clinic.

Stephanie Gamble, PhD

Dr. Gamble teaches the PGY-3 "Interpersonal Therapy" seminar series.

David Garrison, MD

Dr. Garrison is the attending on the Adolescent Inpatient Service and is the Director of the Psychiatry Clerkship. Dr. Garrison supervises PGY-2 residents during their Child and Adolescent rotation.

Ann Griepp, MD

Dr. Griepp is in private practice, participates as a mock board examiner and is a psychotherapy supervisor.

Laurence Guttmacher, MD

Dr. Guttmacher is Director of Faculty Development and the Advisory Dean for Undergraduate Medical Students and the Chief of Psychiatry at the Rochester Psychiatric Center. He teaches the "History of Psychiatry" seminar series.

Rory Houghtalen, MD

Dr. Houghtalen is Director of Education at Unity Health Systems and teaches the PGY-1 "Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology" seminar series.

Khalid Hubeishy, MD

Dr. Hubeishy is in private practice and serves as a psychotherapy supervisor.

Deborah King, PhD

Dr. King's research and scholarly interests are in the areas of late-life depression, suicide and family interventions for older adults. She works actively to educate professional and lay audiences about late-life mental health problems and family systems approaches. In her clinical practice, she specializes in working with older adults and families as they confront the challenges and opportunities inherent to the aging process.

J. Steven Lamberti, MD

Dr. Lamberti is the Director of the Severe Mental Disorders Program, Director of the Schizophrenia Treatment Laboratory and Director of the Strong Ties Community Support Program. He supervises residents at Strong Ties and teaches the PGY-3 "Severe Mental Disorders" seminar and practicum. He also teaches the PGY-1 "Psychosis" seminar series. He has a special interest in community care of adults with severe mental disorders. His primary research interests are treatment and rehabilitation of persons with schizophrenia.

Joseph Lancia, DO

Dr. Lancia is in private practice and a psychotherapy supervisor. Dr. Lancia has spoken at national conferences on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

John Langfitt, PhD

Dr. Langfitt teaches the resident seminars on neuropsychological testing.

Mark Larson, PhD

Dr. Larson teaches the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy seminar series and has a particular interest in working with patients with anxiety, depression and stress-related disorders. He also works extensively with patients with chronic medical problems and is a psychological consultant to the Strong Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Pieter leRoux, D. Litt et Phil.

Dr. leRoux teaches the PGY-1 "Fundamentals of Psychotherapy and Supportive Therapy" seminar series. His work has focused on developing behavioral health service delivery systems in various cultural and treatment contexts, such as schools, community agencies and medical settings. He has presented nationally and internationally on the practice and theory of family therapy training and supervision as well as on intercultural, developmental and organization issues related to family.

Janet Lewis, MD

Dr. Lewis serves as a psychotherapy supervisor in the residency program and as a mock board examiner.

Jeffrey Lyness, MD

Dr. Lyness is the Department of Psychiatry's Associate Chair of Education. He is also Director of Undergraduate Medical Education and was recently appointed as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Medicine and Dentistry. He also serves as a preceptor and mock board examiner.

Mary Marrocco, MD

Dr. Marrocco is an attending in CPEP.

John McIntyre, MD

Dr. McIntyre serves as an individual psychotherapy supervisor and supervises residents at St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center.

Mary Lou Meyers, MD

Dr. Meyers is the Medical Director of the Comprehensive Psychiatry Emergency Program. Dr. Meyers focuses on emergency psychiatry and medical education. She also has an interest in personality disorders.

Jan Moynihan, PhD

Dr. Moynihan is the Department's Associate Chair for Research. Her clinical, scholarly and teaching interests lie in psychoneuroimmunology.

Stephen Munson, MD

Dr. Munson is the retired Director of the Child and Adolescent Fellowship Program here at the University of Rochester. He now teaches a "Classics Reading" seminar as an elective for PGY-4 residents.

Caroline Nestro, MD, RN, CS

Ms. Nestro is the Associate Director of the Office of Mental Health Promotion and teaches the "Community Services" seminar series for interns.

Telva Olivares, MD

Dr. Olivares is the Senior Medical Director of Acute Services. She also supervises residents on the Behavioral Medical-Surgical Unit (BMSU) and coordinates the seminar series on "Medical Care of the Psychiatric Patient."

Shirish Patel, MBBS

Dr. Patel is a preceptor in the residency program.

Anthony Pisani, PhD

Dr. Pisani teaches the suicide prevention workshop to new residents.

Robert Pollard, PhD

Dr. Pollard is Director of the Deaf Wellness Program and teaches clinical interviewing skills of deaf patients. The Deaf Wellness Center is home to numerous initiatives pertaining to health care, mental health services and professional education opportunities for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. His "Program for Deaf Trainees" has received national acclaim. Dr. Pollard writes and lectures widely on a variety of mental health and health care topics affecting deaf consumers and professionals. Dr. Pollard's scholarship interests include psychopathology, health care, forensics, psychological testing, cochlear implantation, and sign language interpreting.

Anton Porsteinsson, MD

Dr. Porsteinsson was awarded the William B. and Sheila Donar Endowed Professorship in February, 2010 to support clinical research in new ways to treat or prevent diseases of the brain that affect memory, thinking, behavior and mood. Dr. Porsteinsson's program at Monroe Community Hospital is recognized as among the top Alzheimer's clinical research programs in the nation. Dr. Porsteinsson leads the University of Rochester's Alzheimer's Disease Care, Research and Education Program (AD-CARE) and its Memory Disorders Clinic.

Michael Privitera, MD

Dr. Privitera is the Director of the Psychiatry Consultation Services and teaches the "Psychosomatic Psychiatry" seminar series. Dr. Privitera has research and clinical interests in mood disorders, light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder and Chronobiologic Disorders, and the reduction of risk factors for workplace violence in a psychiatric ambulatory setting.

Irene Richard, MD

Dr. Richard is an educational liaison between the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry and coordinates the neuropsych seminar series for the residents.

Jennifer Richman, MD

Dr. Richman is an attending in CPEP, supervises PGY-3 residents in the Perinatal Consultation Clinic and is a preceptor.

Elizabeth (“EJ”) Santos, MD

Dr. EJ Santos is the Program Director of the geriatric psychiatry fellowship program. She is board certified in general and geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Santos is also the medical director of the Mental Health Services at the Hall of Justice and she is also an attending in the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program. Elder mistreatment and family violence are the focus of her research, including development of screening tools, training evaluators, public policy, advocacy for older adults, education and psychopathology of victims and perpetrators.

Michael Scharf, MD

Dr. Scharf is the Chief of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and also the Program Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program.

James Schubmehl, MD

Dr. James Schubmehl is in private practice and serves as a psychotherapy supervisor in the residency program. His specialty is the Davanloo approach to psychotherapy.

Allan Schwartz, PhD

Dr. Schwartz is a clinical psychologist at the University Counseling Center (UCC). His clinical, teaching and scholarly interests include: suicide among student at American colleges and universities; administrative aspects of college counseling and mental health and the edpdemiology of college mental health.

Vincent Silenzio, MD

Dr. Silenzio is an attending in the Behavioral Medical-Surgical Unit.

Rajendra Singh, MBBS, MD

Dr. Singh is the Associate Director of the Psychiatry and Law Program and is Director of the Forensic Regional Unit at the Rochester Psychiatric Center.

Sherrie Smith, CSW-R, CGP

Ms. Smith is Chief Social Worker in the Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Group Therapy Services. She also teaches the "Introduction to Group Therapy" seminar series.

Hannah Solky, MD

Dr. Solky is semi-retired from private practice and serves as a psychotherapy supervisor, didactic instructor in the "Bereavement" and "Freud Cases" and also as a mock board examiner for the residency program.

Jay Supnick, PhD

Dr. Supnick serves as a psychotherapy supervisor for the residency program. He has a special interest in police psychology and forensic issues. He has expertise in psychometric test construction, validation, administration, and interpretation. Dr. Supnick has consulted with law enforcement agencies and private industry in such areas as hostage/crisis negotiation, violence prevention, threat assessment and critical incident stress debriefing.

Marc Swogger, PhD

Dr. Swogger is a clinical psychologist and Training Director of the adult track psychology internship. His clinical focus is on the behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders. Dr. Swogger's research foci include psychopathy, substance abuse and violence among criminal offenders. Dr. Swogger also teaches psychotherapy seminars.

Nancy Talbot, PhD

Dr. Talbot is the Director of the Psychotherapy Training and Research Service. She studies treatment interventions for women with histories of childhood sexual abuse and other trauma exposures. She has examined the effectiveness of a group therapy for hospitalized women who had early sexual abuse histories and the personality predictors of treatment outcomes. Dr. Talbot is now engaged in a study of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for women with major depression who have histories of childhood sexual abuse and are being treated in a community mental health center. Her research focuses on the course of treated depression and comorbid disorders in this high-risk subset of depressed women and on the effectiveness and applicability of IPT for this patient population.

Mary Tantillo, PhD

Dr. Tantillo teaches the "Eating Disorders" seminar and also supervises residents at the Healing Connection during their Eating Disorders rotation.

William Watson, PhD

Dr. Watson teaches the PGY-1 "Introduction to Family Therapy" and the combined PGY-2 and PGY-3 "Family Therapy" seminar series. Dr. Watson has particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with somatoform disorders and in education and training in family psychology. He is the family psychology consultant to the Strong Epilepsy Center.

Robert Weisman, DO

Dr. Weisman is Director of Project Link and ACT at Strong Ties. Dr. Weisman has presented and written on the community management of the mentally ill offender and on assessment of violence within this population. He has conducted local and national seminars on topics relative to the assessment and management of the agitated patient for a variety of audiences including medical, psychiatric and law enforcement personnel. Dr. Weisman has developed a Safety and Violence Education (SAVE) training and is now developing an interactive CD ROM for this training.