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MSGC Program Leadership includes:

Audrey Schroeder, MS, CGC, MSGC, Program Director

Emily Calamaro, MGC, CGC, MSGC, Associate Program Director

Primary instructional faculty for the MSGC Program includes:

Diana Bailey, MS, CGC

David Bearden, MD

Emily Calamaro, MGC, CGC, MSGC

Jenina Capasso, MS, CGC

Celeste D’Amanda, ScM, CGC

Chin-To Fong, MD

Monique Ho, MD

Kristin Hocker, EdD

Alex Levin, MD, MHSc

Susan McDaniel, PhD

Kelly Minks, MS, CGC

Danielle Presgraves, PhD

Luis Rosario McCabe, DNP, RN, CNE, CNL, WHNP-BC

Audrey Schroeder, MS, CGC, MSGC

Lindsay Smith, MS, CGC

Jenny Speice, PhD

Eran Tallis, MD – begins August 2022

There are multiple additional faculty members who are engaged in program fieldwork supervision, master’s research projects, and other program components.

MSGC Program Advisory Board members include: 

  • Diana Bailey, MS, CGC, URSMD Genetic Counselor
  • Kwasi Boaitey, LMSW, PCC, Ph.D. student, Director of Culturally Responsive Management in the Office of Equity and Inclusion at University of Rochester
  • Emily Calamaro, MGC, CGC, URSMD Genetic Counselor and Associate Program Director for MSGC program
  • Celeste D’Amanda, ScM, CGC, URSMD Genetic Counselor
  • Lauren Doyle, MGC, CGC, Program Director of Genetic Counseling graduate program at UNC Greensboro
  • Chin-To Fong, MD, URSMD Medical Geneticist and Chief of Division of Medical Genetics
  • Alex Levin, MD, MHSc, URSMD Chief of Division of Pediatric Genetics and Chief of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Genetics
  • Audrey Schroeder, MS, CGC, URSMD Program Director for MSGC program
  • Jenny Speice, PhD, URSMD Associate Professor in Department of Psychiatry and Program Director for MS in Marriage & Family Therapy program

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