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Biomedical Data Science Pathway

According to Forbes Magazine, “Data Scientist” is among the 10 highest paid job categories for 2015 with an estimated job growth for the sector of 15%.  Moreover, Glassdoor reports that not only are data scientists among the top 25 highest paying in-demand jobs, but those who work in the field have report the best working conditions and most job satisfaction of anyone in any job.  The NIH has developed a series of initiatives, the “Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K)” programs, to leverage the power of big data and informatics to understand biology and medicine.  Given this landscape, preparing a highly educated workforce to meet the demand for data scientists in biomedicine appears to be crucial and will provide trainees with myriad post-graduate options and opportunities. As the line between business and science blurs, PhDs are highly sought after as data scientists for their critical thinking and data skills. However, they need to master other technical skills beyond the bench. The URBEST Pathway can provide resources, support and partnerships for trainees to explore computational and data analytics technology in research activities in all areas of academic scholarship.

The Pathway is co-directed by by Dr. Helene McMurray, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Dr. McMurray regularly contributes her bioinformatics and genomics expertise to collaborative research projects with colleagues in biostatistics, neuroscience, and most recently, dermatology.

The Pathway is co-directed by Dr. Aslihan Ambeskovic, Head of Cancer Bioinformatics and Research Project Manager at Biomedical Genetics Department. Dr. Ambeskovic was an Insight Data Science Fellow in NYC as a postdoc, was hired as a Data Scientist at @Point of Care, and returned to UR as a cancer bioinformatician to apply her data science skills to cancer ‘omics. 

Discuss ideas you have about gaining experience in the Data Science Pathway with Dr. Helene McMurray and Dr. Aslihan Ambeskovic.

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