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PTH 504 - Current Topics in Experimental Pathology

This course uses the seminar format to introduce students to diverse experimental and intellectual approaches to studying disease processes.  There are two required components: attendance at seminars given by their peers and presentation of a student’s own work in the form of a seminar.  Each student gains experience in oral presentations by presenting their research to the faculty and fellow students on a yearly basis.  This course is currently held on Tuesdays at noon.

Fall and spring, one credit per semester.  Course Director: Helene McMurray.

PTH 507 - Cancer Biology

This course serves as an introduction to concepts and current problems in molecular and cellular biology of cancer with a focus on human disease-relevant models. We will cover 1) Genetic Basis of Cancer, from classical oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes to current ‘omic analysis of cancer genes, genomes, transcripts and epigenetics, and cancer epidemiology; 2) Cell Biology of Cancer, including alterations in signaling, apoptosis, metabolism, and cancer stem cells in tumor initiation, recurrence and metastasis; and 3) Cell-Cell Interactions in Cancer and the Microenvironment, including the relationship between aging and cancer, hormone signaling, interaction of tumors with the microenvironment, tumor immunology and immunotherapy.

Fall semester, three credit hours. Course Director: Helene McMurray.

PTH 509/510 - Cell Biology of Human Disease I and II

This two-semester course is required for all students in the Pathology graduate program.  Its objective is to provide students with an introduction to human disease processes with an emphasis on molecular, cellular and genetic approaches to investigate human diseases and disease-related animal models.  Significant emphasis will be placed on the current understanding of disease processes, limitations, and strategies for innovative experimentation that should lead to breakthrough discoveries and cures.

Lectures are complemented by interactive labs and journal clubs to expand on what is taught in class.  In journal club sessions, students will learn to critically read and evaluate scientific papers and will gain experience in presenting to their peers.

Fall and spring semesters, four credit hours per semester. Prerequisite: permission of the course director.  Course Directors: Benjamin Frisch (fall) and Xinping Zhang (spring). No audits allowed.

PTH 595 - Ph.D. Research

Ph.D. research done under the direction of a faculty member affiliated with the PhD Program in Pathology - Cell Biology of Disease at the University of Rochester.

Fall and spring semesters, credit hours vary per semester