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Education / Graduate Education / Trainee Handbook / Policies and Benefits / 897 Masters Dissertation Registration Policy


897 Master’s Dissertation Registration Policy

The course provides full-time status for students who have completed all course requirements for their degree other than the thesis or are enrolled in final coursework in addition to the thesis and who have been registered as full-time in all previous semesters. A dissertation fee is not charged for this course. However, other fees associated with full-time enrollment may be charged (Mandatory Health fee). Students must be registered with a specific faculty member who is responsible for monitoring their full-time effort and providing a Pass/Fail grade at the conclusion of the course.

This course designation is only to be used at the end of a degree program after all course requirements have been satisfied and is a one-time only registration. If more time is needed for the student to complete their work, the student must register for 895 or 899 (see the University graduate studies policies overview for details) and pay the appropriate dissertation fee. Approval of the Graduate Registrar and the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs is required to enroll in this course.