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PhD Student Evaluation Policy

PhD Student Evaluation Policy
Lab Rotation Evaluations are required for all biomedical science, including Translational Biomedical Science, PhD students. Annual Evaluations are required for all PhD students in the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Annual Evaluation

For Students That Complete Lab Rotations

Annual evaluations are required at least once per academic year starting with Year 2. The rotation evaluations will satisfy the requirement for Year 1.

For Students That Do Not Complete Lab Rotations

Annual evaluations are required at least once per academic year (July 1 – June 30) starting with Year 1.

Annual Evaluation Form

Lab Rotations

During the first year of study, biomedical science students complete three laboratory rotations. These rotations provide broad exposure to the area of research, methods, techniques, rules and regulations of each lab as well as the general lab organization and personnel.

After completing the required rotations, students are expected to identify a degree major and select an advisor’s lab for their thesis research. This is a very important decision that should be based upon an informed analysis of the student’s intellectual needs and preferences. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss all options with their Program Director to ensure that a satisfactory choice is made.

Students must complete a minimum of three rotations. Neither rotation advisors nor students are permitted to make a commitment to each other prior to May 1st.

Students may petition for an exception to this policy by seeking permission from the rotation advisor, program director and Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs. Interested students should begin such a discussion with their program director.

Rotation Begins Rotation Ends Evaluation Due
October 1 December 15 December 20
January 1 March 15 April 1
March 16 May 31 June 15
July 1 August 31 September 15

Rotation Evaluation

At the end of each laboratory rotation, one Laboratory Rotation Evaluation is completed by the student and one is completed by the rotation mentor.