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Incomplete Grades Policy

A grade of incomplete (I) will be assigned when a student, due to serious illness or other similar incapacitating circumstances, is unable to complete all course requirements within the prescribed period and receives the instructor’s permission to complete certain requirements at a later date, not to extend beyond 60 days after the conclusion of the semester. The student who receives an incomplete grade is passing the course, and has already completed a substantial quantity of the work required.

Before the end of the examination period of the semester during which the “incomplete” is to be given, the student will negotiate with the instructor a mutually acceptable method for completing the class work, and an Incomplete Grade Contract signed by the student and the instructor outlining the agreed-upon method must be submitted to the Registrar. The final grade, once recorded by submission of a Supplemental Grade Change Notice, will be preceded by an “I” on the official transcript. For example, a grade of “A” will appear as “IA”.