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Sarah Goodwin: From Grad Student to Director and Executive Producer

Sarah Goodwin joined iBiology as the Director in 2011. She has many roles at iBiology, including implementing the strategic vision, leading the team, overseeing video production, and growing the organization. Sarah has worked with leading biology scientists in a wide variety of fields to help communicate their research to a worldwide audience. She is especially interested in how iBiology videos can be used in education. Sarah is currently co-PI of the iBiology NSF grant, and an advisor on the NIH IPERT grant, which she helped conceive and develop. Sarah received her BA in Biochemistry from Middlebury College, and her PhD in Cell Biology from the University of California, San Francisco, where she characterized a microtubule binding protein that she named Patronin after the Harry Potter Patronus charm. Outside of iBiology, Sarah enjoys running, traveling, theater, and cheering on her favorite sports teams. Starting in 2018, her newest role is mom. Learn more about Sarah's career trajectory and hear about opportunities at iBiology. She will join us via Zoom in the Northeastern Conference Room Tuesday May 22 from noon - 1 pm. Pizza will be provided!

Tracey Baas | 5/21/2018

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