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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for the MSTP, as well as still have my application be considered for the Medical School only?

When you submit your application through AMCAS, you will apply as combined MD/PhD applicant. At this phase of your application, you will only be reviewed as a combined degree applicant. If you are invited for an interview, but are not selected to move forward in the MSTP application process past that point, then at that time you may be considered for MD-only. There is a question on the Secondary Application where you can indicate if you would like to be considered for the medical school only. 

What is the average GPA of your entering students? What are you looking for in MCAT scores?

The average GPA for University of Rochester MSTP matriculants is 3.8. For the MCAT, the mean score over the last 5 admissions cycles for MSTP students has been in the 92nd percentile, which is around 516. The range of MCAT score of those who apply is 488-527, with interviews being offered to applicants in a range of 506-527. For GPA, the range of total applicants is 2.5-4.0, with interviews being offered to applicants in a range of 3.4-4.0. The MSTP is looking for applicants who have obtained a high level of academic achievement, in addition to research and other related experience.

Is there a benefit to applying earlier, rather than later?

Our screening and interview process is on a rolling basis. We recommend you apply as early as possible.

Do you accept foreign applicants?

Due to the nature of funding through the NIH, MSTP applicants must be U.S. citizens, or have permanent residency status.

How many letters of recommendation do I need to have submitted for the application process?

Letters of recommendation submitted on official letterhead may be a composite letter or pre-health advisory committee letter from your school; or a minimum of 3 individual letters. Up to 4 additional letters may be sent. While any three letters of recommendation will be accepted, letters from research mentors are especially encouraged. Science or academic letters can also be written by a professor from whom you took a class or a pre-health advisor. In addition to the science or academic letters, we also welcome personal letters from supervisors and volunteer directors.

Why was my application rejected?

If you were not accepted for admission and would like more information, please email the MSTP office directly to see how you might strengthen your application for next year.

Do you accept transfer students?

Because of Rochester's early clinical exposure and uniquely integrated curriculum, transfer applicants cannot be considered for advanced standing.

When do you start interviewing and what days?

We start interviewing in late September and continue through the end of January. Our interviews are conducted over a two-day period, on Thursdays, and Fridays. Interviews are by invitation only.

Is there a yearly stipend for the MD/PhD Program?

Yes, there is a yearly stipend for each student admitted into the MSTP, which is subject to change on a year-to-year basis. The MSTP stipend is consistent with the graduate school stipend, which includes any increases that may occur on an annual basis. 

Will the 2023-24 Admissions Cycle be in-person or virtual this year?

All interviews will be continue to be conducted virtually. Applicants who are accepted will be invited to an in-person visit in April, with a possible invitation to an open house for all applicants invited for an interview (TBD). Please continue to check back in the coming months as to the status of on-campus visits.